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SBNF Winter 2019 Update for Beach News

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

We publish updates about the progress of the Neighbourhood Plan in every edition of Beach News. Here's a copy of the latest update from our chairman:


Adur District Council planners considered the latest draft Plan [Version 4] during the Summer months. In September, we received their comments that will be digested and clarified as soon as possible.

During September, the Forum apologised to its members after offering insufficient notice of its proposed AGM that resulted in its postponement. The Chair and officers wish to confirm their commitment to combining the Forum’s final HAVE YOUR SAY DAY with – if possible - its AGM.

The Forum will be completing its five year lifespan at about the time this issue of Beach News is delivered and, therefore, will need to apply for redesignation to complete its tasks. Redesignation will be sought and when granted new funding will be required to complete our work prior to a referendum.

There have been some changes in Forum officers and their activities. The Vice-Chair stepped down to address Community Engagement, a post the Forum has been unable to fill for over two years. The Executive Committee much regrets the resignation of Green Working Group Leader, Stella Filmer, and will miss her considered input and work ethic on the Forum’s behalf. These vacant positions will need to be filled as soon as possible in the run-up to redesignation, inspection and referendum.

The Forum considered its position regarding the planning application for the redevelopment of the Beach Green toilet block. We are not entitled - by way of our constitution - to comment on planning applications. Nevertheless, officers and working group members have been encouraged to recognise that Boxpark - the scheme’s applicant - has acknowledged and applied the principles of the Forum’s draft design code within their submission.

The Executive committee will be convening regularly before Christmas to:

  • Address ADC’s comments on V.4.

  • Apply for redesignation.

  • Engage with the Council to explore financial support noting the redesignation requirement.

  • Re-engage with the community & its stakeholders.

  • Seek to fill our vacancies.

All Forum officers and volunteers want to wish all Beach residents a very Happy Christmas and prosperous 2020 and thank them for their continued support and patience.

Dave Collins

Chair of Shoreham Beach Neighbourhood Forum

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