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Ideas suggested by the community. To enlarge this video, hover your mouse over the video and click on the enlarge button in the bottom-right corner.


The Neighbourhood Plan will enable local people to have more influence over changes in the use and (re)development of land and buildings. 


What we are discovering
  • Planning Applications Analysis (see posters below) - why the Council approves or refuses an application

  • Pressures for development - the possibility of meeting any of the Adur housing need in the Plan area

  • Who owns Shoreham Beach? We aim to influence the development of land in public ownership

Development Pipeline  

The Neighbourhood Plan will have to take account of changes underway:

Future Development – opportunities or threats?
  • The Neighbourhood Plan will identify development which it would support and that which it would oppose – but we cannot stop all development. Click on our poster or follow this link to get an overview of the major development pipeline in the Shoreham-by-sea area.

  • The 2015 Household Survey, 2016 workshops and 2017 youth survey have all demonstrated a wide range of residents’ attitudes to conservation and development and ideas for the future. You can see these comments in context on the interactive map.

  • We are taking these views into account in drawing up draft policy.

Research & Evidence

Strategic Objective

(Rev 3, Dec 2017)

The Neighbourhood Plan will identify and encourage diverse opportunities for the high quality improvement and small-scale, incremental redevelopment of the built environment, which respond to both local community needs/priorities and the increasing development pressures from the housing market and tourism.

Audit of Potential sites (Interactive Map)



Click on icons for details and comments by local residents.

Useful Resources

A history of Shoreham Beach by Howard Porter

SBNF study to define the unique character of Shoreham Beach

Poole Quays Forum is also developing a neighbourhood plan. They are dealing with similar issues in a similar geographical location. Here is their plan thus far.

Building from the ground up to owning and managing assets in your community, Land & Buildings provides the information, tools and advice you need to take control of building in your neighbourhood.

Locality is the national network of ambitious and enterprising community-led organisations, working together to help neighbourhoods thrive.

How to share the workload when developing the neighbourhood plan.

A guide for working groups to writing planning policies which will address the issues that matter

Toolkit aimed at neighbourhood planning groups who are intending to allocate sites for development. The principles for allocating sites and the methods that should be applied to make sure the sites that are chosen are the most appropriate. 

Adur & Worthing's joint regeneration team supports local businesses, encourages economic development, promotes and implements regeneration schemes, promotes the tourism economy and takes a proactive role in the delivery of strategic development.

Our neighbourhood plan must be in general conformity with the harbour-wide Joint Area Action Plan (JAAP). Understand the vision for Shoreham Harbour.

Government planning and building regulations resource

Adur Outdoor Activities Centre Support Group

Facebook Group hoping to start a 'community response' to the future of the centre.

Restoration group for Shoreham Redoubt

Shoreham Beach Resident's Association

Publisher's of Beach Life - full-colour magazine giving regular updates three times a year.

An independent voice for residents of Shoreham-by-Sea

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Planning Briefs
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