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Ideas suggested by the community. To enlarge this video, hover your mouse over the video and click on the enlarge button in the bottom-right corner.


The Neighbourhood Plan will enable local people to have more influence over changes in the use and (re)development of land and buildings. 


What we are discovering
  • Planning Applications Analysis (see posters below) - why the Council approves or refuses an application

  • Pressures for development - the possibility of meeting any of the Adur housing need in the Plan area

  • Who owns Shoreham Beach? We aim to influence the development of land in public ownership

Development Pipeline  

The Neighbourhood Plan will have to take account of changes underway:

Future Development – opportunities or threats?
  • The Neighbourhood Plan will identify development which it would support and that which it would oppose – but we cannot stop all development. Click on our poster or follow this link to get an overview of the major development pipeline in the Shoreham-by-sea area.

  • The 2015 Household Survey, 2016 workshops and 2017 youth survey have all demonstrated a wide range of residents’ attitudes to conservation and development and ideas for the future. You can see these comments in context on the interactive map.

  • We are taking these views into account in drawing up draft policy.

Research & Evidence