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Sustainability affects every aspect of urban planning. We are working to apply the principles of One Planet Living and Low Carbon Neighbourhood Planning (see links below) to our Shoreham Beach Neighbourhood Plan. Reducing man-made emissions can benefit us globally and locally. We can improve how we shop, how we move and the energy we consume. 

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Research & Evidence

Most residents say protection of the environment should be the top priority – with very strong support for flood prevention and keeping green spaces green. In response we propose several policies including the designation of 'Local Green Spaces' (like mini green belts) in the Neighbourhood Plan.

Over 80% say we should encourage and promote the best household insulation, solar panels, water efficiency and improved recycling. This has been incorporated into Transport and Neighbourhood Regeneration policies. We are looking for volunteers to further develop these policies.


Strategic Objective

(Revision 3, Dec 2017)

The Plan will protect and enhance the natural environment and biodiversity of Shoreham Beach by stimulating public awareness and engagement and by encouraging investment to provide attractive, resilient and engaging public green spaces, together with promoting increased energy & water efficiency, the use of renewable energy and improved neighbourhood waste management.

Planning Briefs:

Planning Briefs

Today's weather warnings and video of planned flood defence scheme for the river Adur

Flood defences in Shoreham

The risk of flooding to coastal settlements around the UK is high and rising due to sea level rise and an increase in extreme rainfall events from the effects of climate change. The Environment Agency has carried out extensive modelling to determine the likely extent and range of the potential flood events over the next 100 years.

The current flood defences (pre 2017) in the Adur estuary do not provide a high enough level of protection and in places are in poor condition. This leaves Shoreham-by-Sea, Lancing and the surrounding areas at risk of flooding. The Environment Agency has been developing a major improvements scheme called the Shoreham Adur tidal walls. The scheme will provide protection for extreme events with 0.33% probability (1 in 300 year) of occurring in one year, allowing for 50 years of sea level rise.

Flood Defences

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More resources and ideas

Articles on this website covering sustainability and environmental issues on Shoreham Beach

Low Carbon Neighbourhood Planning Guide

National charity that helps people and organisations from the public, private and voluntary sectors meet the twin challenges of rising energy costs and climate change. 

Energy Saving Quick Wins

Money-saving advice from Energy Saving Trust

Guidance for householders, communities and businesses to help implement the most effective energy saving and renewable energy measures including insulation, boilers, solar PV and other innovative solutions. Quality, independent energy saving advice - there is no hard sell.


Develop community energy generation and savings projects

Open Spaces Society

Assisting local communities to safeguard their green spaces for themselves and future generations

Volunteer group dedicated to protecting, enjoying and educating others about this rare Shingle Reserve

National Heat Map

High-resolution web-based maps of heat demand by area

One Planet Living

One Planet Living is an initiative of Bioregional and its partners to make truly sustainable living a reality.  One Planet Living uses ecological footprinting and carbon footprinting as its headline indicators.  It is based on ten guiding principles of sustainability as a framework.

SDOS - for everyone interested in birds in and around Shoreham-By-Sea

One World One Ocean Project

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Online resource for the recreational boating sector to promote, browse and locate green boating products and services. Hosted by Sailing Networks in partnership with The Green Blue, it offers a range of environmentally friendly alternative products and services for your boating needs – from cleaning and maintenance to resource efficiency

 This is a Good Practice Guide to appropriate development and changes - taking account of the need to protect and enhance the Adur river environment, respect the unique characteristics of the community. Flood Risk, Pollution & Waste Management, etc.

Inhabitat - Inspirational Eco Architecture



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