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ISSUES & WORKING GROUPS - Delivering the plan

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The emerging Vision & Objectives
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The Principles of One Planet Living
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Current level of interest:
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How we chose the key issues:

We originally conducted a Character Study of the neighbourhood and a household survey. This information has been combined with multiple face-to-face and online discussions, workshops, polls and data from other sources (such as the Census) to create the most accurate data possible - to reflect the characteristics of all residents. See our community engagement factsheet.

In 2015 we asked residents about their priorities for the NP. The 2015 survey represented 11% of the beach population, the majority of which are long-standing owner occupiers (92%) who have lived here for over 10 years. 42% are retired. Protection of environment, local character and good design standards emerged as the key issues, as well as excessive amounts of cars parked on the roadside. We created working groups and themes to focus on the main priorities. There is cross-fertilisation between the groups and the Green Working Group ensures that protection of the environment is always taken into account. 


Throughout the process of creating the plan, we have strived to increase feedback from all sections of the local community. We continue to ask new members to register their main interests and concerns with regards to these priorities. It has emerged that all the issues remain important. 

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