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Urban Character Study

Is this how you see our neighbourhood?

The Residential Development & Regeneration Working Group has carried out a study to define the unique character of Shoreham Beach. This is the starting point for developing ideas and proposals for the future. On this page is a short summary and a link to download the full report. We appreciate any feedback you may have.


Do you agree with the study? Is this how you see our neighbourhood? Submit your photos here or post your comments below.


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shoreham beach cul-de-sac bungalows
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Pacific Court

"Shoreham Beach is not a typical English town, but a charmingly eclectic collection of post war buildings brought together in an extraordinary maritime location creating a uniquely diverse, open and optimistic sense of place."


"Little remains of Bungalow Town, although small numbers of the characteristic bungalows still remain in one form or another..."


"there has been much replacement building, but primarily on a one-for-one basis. However, this piecemeal development has not produced any homogenous character but rather striking contrasts in design, materials and scale"


"wherever you are on Shoreham Beach the water is not far away"


"even on relatively overcast days, light pervades all areas"


 "in spring and summer the beach itself becomes a lush pasture of wild plants and flowers"


 "lack of softening trees ...  a newcomer needs to survive a winter season before they can call the place home"


"the overwhelming majority of dwellings are family homes. Although intimately associated with sea and river, the Shoreham Beach of the present is not a holiday destination in the traditional sense. It does, however, provide an important leisure resource for residents of Shoreham-by-Sea and the broader urban area. Access to the beach for walking, bathing and other recreational activities such as boating and kite- surfing is the principal non-residential activity"

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Human Habitat
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Natural Habitat Designations
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History of Shoreham Beach
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Videos about Shoreham-by-sea, and it's people.
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Do you agree with the study? Is this how you see our neighbourhood?
Please post your comments below.


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High density housing in Shoreham
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