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A Neighbourhood Plan to help shape development for the next 15 years


The Shoreham Beach Neighbourhood Forum (SBNF) is a community-led group of residents, business, community groups and stakeholders. It is free and open to anyone who lives or works on the beach.


Together, we are developing a Neighbourhood Plan. You can join here:



If adopted by public referendum, the Shoreham Beach plan will:


  • Set out a vision showcasing how local people would like Marine Ward to look in the next 15 years


  • Be a legally enforceable blueprint that complements Government policies and the draft Local Plan and sets design standards to help ensure sympathetic and sustainable development 


  • Act as a planners' reference book for use during determination of planning applications


  • Tackle a wide range of issues: housing, education and health provision employment, heritage conservation, transport, recreation and leisure.

  • Local people will decide its scope and remit


For more information on neighbourhood plans, please watch the video or read our FAQs.


We held our inaugural meeting in July 2014, formed a constitution and began the formal process to create the plan.


In 2015 we studied the special characteristics of our neighbourhood and conducted a Household Survey  - your chance to have your say about major issues in our community. Paper surveys were delivered to every household and it was also made available online. 


We have also held several open days, formed working groups, conducted polls and workshops. You can find us on several social networks and we publish regular updates in the local Beach News magazine. View our community engagement factsheet. Please click here for upcoming events.



...our neighbourhood will thrive as a place to live, work and enjoy a range of community and leisure activities...


Shoreham Beach will maintain and enhance its eclectic character through a balance between innovative, high-quality, neighbourly development and conservation, which meets the needs of both residents and visitors, ensuring that the neighbourhood thrives as a place to live, work and enjoy a range of community and leisure activities.

Shoreham Beach will be a quiet, low emission neighbourhood with the flexibility to welcome and accommodate visitors during peak seasons. The flow of people on and off the beach will be safe and smooth. Young and old can choose to travel locally without relying on the car. It will be easy to choose active transport to maintain a healthy lifestyle during our daily commute - helping us to be more able in later life.

  1. Health and happiness

  2. Equity and local economy

  3. Culture and community

  4. Land use and wildlife

  5. Sustainable water

  6. Sustainable transport

  7. Zero waste

  8. Local and sustainable food

  9. Sustainable materials

  10. Zero carbon

Find out more about
One Planet Living >>


Shoreham Beach will maintain and enhance its eclectic character...

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