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  • SBNF Winter 2020 Update for Beach News

    We publish updates about the progress of the Neighbourhood Plan in every edition of Beach News. Here's a copy of the latest update from our Engagement Officer: Shoreham Beach Neighbourhood Forum’s application to be re-designated was duly taken to Adur District Council’s Joint Strategic  Committee (JSC) in July. The JSC, comprising Executive Members from the Council's ruling Conservative Group, required further information before it could reach a final decision. To assist the JSC, the Forum has produced an Action Plan to address the matters raised at the July meeting. In addition the Forum has requested a meeting with ADC Planning Officers ahead of the meeting of the JSC to review progress on the emerging Neighbourhood Plan and agree the programme of work needed to complete it. A joint meeting between committee members of the Forum and of Shoreham Beach Residents’ Association (SBRA), chaired by the County Councillor for Shoreham South, Cllr Kevin Boram, was held on October 12th to seek SBRA support for redesignation. SBRA has agreed to a further meeting with SBNF to discuss the emerging Neighbourhood Plan. It is the hope and ambition of the Forum that all this work will secure the JSC’s approval for re-designation in December. The Forum will then be in a position to press ahead to complete the process of producing the Draft Neighbourhood Plan early in the New Year for full consultation with Beach residents in the Spring. After any final amendments, the Forum will submit the Plan to ADC who will organise an Independent Examination and a Referendum when all Marine Ward residents on the Electoral Register will be able to vote. The Forum is keen to encourage further engagement with the community to help refine the Neighbourhood Plan. We strongly encourage residents to join the Forum and participate in our consultation events. This is your opportunity to have a say in the future development of the Beach. Visit the Forum website for full details. Alternatively you can contact the Chair of the Management Committee, Cllr Dave Collins, on 07956 759949 or via the contact form. You can read the full magazine here > #Press

  • SBNF-SBRA Joint Meeting Minutes - October 2020

    12 Oct 2020 at 1830 Online video-conference Agenda: 1. SBNF Four Point Plan 2. Current Adur DC support 3. Key stakeholder support 4. Funding Requirements In opening the meeting KB proposed it begin with Agenda Item 3 as this represented the main substance of the meeting. It was important that this item should be discussed first so it was covered in the time available. This was agreed. Key stakeholder support SBRA Committee members expressed their positions regarding the draft Neighbourhood Plan and SBNF’s finances and governance. The need to have a Neighbourhood Plan at all was questioned. JL emphasised that the criticisms of Forum governance and finance were fundamental to SBRA objections. JB, DJ and JW mentioned parts of the Neighbourhood Plan that they felt might be unacceptable to a majority in the referendum. TW agreed that revising the Neighbourhood Plan would be a good way forward. MW pointed out that action to address SBRA’s areas of concern with the Neighbourhood Plan are part of SBNF’s Four Point Plan, as are actions to deal with Forum governance and finances. DC stated that governance and finance deficiencies were fully recognised by the Management Committee and are being addressed. KH said that while changes could be made to the Neighbourhood Plan a major rewrite was not practical as Adur Planning Dept had reviewed the current Neighbourhood Plan and that process would have to be restarted if major changes were envisaged. JL asked where future Forum funding would come from and how much funding did SBNF require? KH said that the Council would receive new funding (£10,000) to support the Neighbourhood Plan on Redesignation and part of that funding could be given to SBNF to fund the final stage of producing the Neighbourhood Plan. DC stated that previous estimates for completion had been £1,550 but he felt that up to £4,000 might be necessary. JL requested more detailed costings. Criticisms of Forum governance centre on compliance with the Forum’s constitution. Notably the lack of an AGM to elect SBNF Management Committee members, failure to invite members to three meetings a year and the lack of minutes for SBNF Committee meetings over several months. SBRA representatives felt an AGM should be held as soon as possible to correct this issue. KH was concerned that an AGM could not happen before the next Adur JSC meeting which is crucial to Forum Redesignation. The lack of SBRA support at that point could put that at risk. Without Redesignation the Forum would cease to exist and the Neighbourhood Plan would fail. Therefore some indication of support from SBRA in advance of the JSC meeting would be beneficial. It was agreed that an agenda for a virtual AGM would be produced and the meeting held online as soon as possible. SBRA would help publicise the meeting. To get things moving forward, KB proposed that Terms of Reference for joint cooperation between SBNF and SBRA be agreed. SBRA would identify areas of the Neighbourhood Plan which it can’t support. SBNF would identify actions to address the criticisms of Governance. SBNF and SBRA would form a Joint Working Group to update the Neighbourhood Plan. The meeting unanimously agreed to this proposal subject to the subsequent agreement of the SBRA committee. Discussions between SBNF and SBRA are to continue via email, copying in KB to keep him up to date. Meeting closed at 2030. It was agreed that a further SBNF-SBRA Joint Meeting should take place online at a date to be determined, potentially in the next three to four weeks. Note: Agenda Items 2 and 4 were effectively covered during the discussion of Item 3. Item 1 will be covered as part of the ongoing email exchanges. Attendees: Kevin Boram (KB) Meeting Chairman Dave Collins (DC) SBNF Joss Loader (JL) SBRA Kevin Hall (KH) SBNF Joshua Baxendale (JB) SBRA Tony Wallington (TW) SBNF David Johnson (DJ) SBRA Mike Whelan (MW) SBNF Julia Watts (JW) SBRA Image courtesy of #minutes #management #ADC #Press #funding

  • Shoreham Beach Neighbourhood Forum Structure (2020)

    ANNUAL UPDATE - please see vacancies: SBNF Management Committee (steering group) Officers: Chairman - Cllr. David Collins Vice Chairman - Kevin Hall Secretary (including membership) - Mike Whelan Treasurer - Jonathan Marshall Other Committee Members and Group Leaders: Howard Porter Jane Moseley Group Leader - Community Engagement: please get in touch if you'd like to apply Group Leader - Green Working Group - please get in touch if you'd like to apply Group Leader - Transport & Movement Working Group - Mike Whelan Group Leader - Regeneration Working Group - David Collins Group Leader - Community Facilities Working Group - combined with Regeneration Planning consultant (Ex-officio) - Professor Mike Gibson Working groups will resume after re-designation - subject to Covid restrictions. Our next AGM is likely to be online. The Management Committee are all volunteers. We're responsible for the key activities including: ensuring implementation of the Communications Strategy; co-ordinating the activities of the Working Groups; drafting, agreeing and promoting the implementation of the Plan; conforming to requirements; working in partnership with relevant stakeholders - in particular with the Shoreham Beach Residents Association and Adur District Council. See the Constitution for full details. if you'd like to get involved, please visit our members page or contact us here (select a relevant topic to directly contact working group leaders). #management

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  • CONTACT | shoreham-beach-forum

    Get in touch with Working Group Leaders Contact us FAQs Privacy Social Team See Management Committee

  • SBNF constitution

    THE CONSTITUTION The Forum aims to promote or improve social, economic and environmental wellbeing and conditions in the Shoreham Beach area SUMMARY The Constitution establishes the Forum’s aims and provides the organisational framework for its activities. Here is a summary, with particular reference to the activities necessary for producing the Neighbourhood Plan. ‘the Forum aims to promote or improve the social, economic and environmental well-being and conditions in the Shoreham Beach area particularly through the preparation and implementation of a Neighbourhood Plan.' The Forum is a democratic and accountable membership organisation. is open to individuals who live and/or work in the area and elected members of Adur District Council and/or West Sussex County Council whose ward or division includes the area. Membership ‘the Forum will be as representative as possible of the people who live and work in the area. Thus membership will be drawn from different places in the area and from different sections of the community’ The Forum’s activities are managed by a Committee (steering group) which meets once a month and comprises officers elected at the AGM – Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and Membership Secretary – together with Working Group Leaders and Deputies. The volunteer members of the Committee and the Action Groups are supported by a professional planning advisor, working on the basis of a combination of paid and pro-bono time. The is responsible for the key activities of the Forum: Management Committee Agreeing and ensuring the implementation of the Communications and Community Engagement Strategy. Co-ordinating the activities of the Working Groups: Residential Development & Regeneration Transport & Movement Community Facilities Sustainable, Green Neighbourhood Communications & Community Engagement Drafting, agreeing and promoting the of the Shoreham Beach Neighbourhood Plan. implementation Working in partnership with relevant public, private and community sector stakeholders, in particular with the Shoreham Beach Residents Association and Adur District Council. The Constitution also requires the Forum to organise a minimum of two Have Your Say each year which enables the Forum to: events showcase its activities, particularly the evolving Neighbourhood Plan, recruit new members, enable Forum Working Groups to have discussions with wider groups of local people, facilitate Q&A sessions with the Local Planning Authority officers, councillors and developers with an interest in the area, share experiences with voluntary and community sector from elsewhere in the district and other towns and cities which are preparing and involved in implementing Neighbourhood Plans. organisations 📃 View the complete constitution... EVENTS COMMITTEE MINUTES VISION, OBJECTIVES & ISSUES

  • Shoreham Beach Forum

    The is a community-led framework for promoting and guiding the sustainable development of Shoreham Beach and Adur Rec. over the next 15 years. Neighbourhood Plan Spread the word News & Inspiration Press Release - Forum’s response to the deferred re-designation Seven simple ways to help us finish your Neighbourhood Plan Government Changes to Neighbourhood Planning due to COVID-19 (and associated delays) 1/5 Get involved Movement Facilities Built Environment Land & Water

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Information and resources to develop a Neighbourhood Plan for Shoreham Beach.

Shoreham Beach Neighbourhood Forum (SBNF) is a community-led group of residents, business, community groups and stakeholders.