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  • AGM & Plan Q&A - 19 Jan 2023 - New Members Welcome

    We hope that you will be able to attend our AGM and Q&A session at the Shoreham Centre on Thursday 19th Jan. Please RSVP here. New members are welcome and will be registered when you RSVP (subject to verifying that you are eligible. Full details here). Members are encouraged to view the latest Draft Plan and / or visit the website in advance of the AGM to get up to speed - and then if necessary - to email any outstanding questions before the AGM via the website contact form. This will ensure that your question goes directly to the most appropriate Working Group Leader. Help us Promote the Meeting: Share our Facebook Event Page Vote or Propose: We have a number of vacancies on our committee, including Community Engagement. If you are interested in standing, you simply need to get two fellow members to propose and second your nomination at the meeting. Please see the Constitution for an overview of roles and responsibilities and provide us with at least one week's notice if you wish to stand. We can help you to understand what the role entails and help you to find a potential proposer and seconder. A Neighbourhood Plan committee (steering group) will be required to continue oversight, monitoring and implementation of the Plan after it is approved. At the AGM you can vote to decide who is elected and have your say about any necessary amendments to the Constitution. If being on a committee does not suit you, click here to see simple ways you could help. You can see the evolution of the draft plan, including: status, previous iterations, evidence and feedback at #management #AGM

  • SBNF Winter 2022 Update for Beach News

    We publish updates about the progress of the Neighbourhood Plan in almost every edition of Beach News. Here's a copy of the latest update from our new Committee members: Since last year’s AGM, the Forum (SBNF) has been busy updating the draft Neighbourhood Plan for a sustainability appraisal, and resolving funding issues. We’ve also been dealing with concerns that are repeatedly raised by beach residents, such as water quality and the transformation of the Western Harbour Arm. SBNF formally raised objections to the latest proposals for the former Howard Kent storage site at 5 Brighton Road. Drawing on feedback from the community; we objected to the composition of the building, harsh elevations, lack of historical context, as well as the lack of social / affordable housing. We also encouraged the developer to come up with a more energy-efficient design. You can read more about our views on the JAAP development and our draft development policies in the draft neighbourhood plan. We recognise that we need to resume community engagement soon, and have been working hard to resolve funding issues, as discussed at the Special General Meeting. A small grant for 2022-23 has now been approved by Locality. However we need the support of Adur District Council to enable us to receive this grant, since the Forum is not itself a legally accountable body. So, the SBNF Management Committee has asked ADC to act as an Accountable Body on our behalf. We hope for a prompt and positive outcome. Alternatively, we will set up a CIC. The AGM for 2022 is due and we plan to hold this meeting when key stakeholders are available and the issue of grant funding is resolved, so we can move forward with presenting the latest version of the Neighbourhood Plan to the community and stakeholders for discussion. We plan to hold Have Your Say Days during the forthcoming Regulation 14 consultation period for the Shoreham Beach Neighbourhood Plan. We would greatly appreciate anyone who can help with community engagement and invite all Shoreham Beach residents to join the Forum and get involved in any way you can or simply to keep up to date with the Neighbourhood Plan. Please see our website’s Get Involved page for more details: You can read the full magazine here > #Press

  • SBNF Officers Meeting Minutes - Nov 2022

    17 November 2022 at 19.00 Room D at The Shoreham Centre Agenda: 1. Approval of October meeting minutes 2. AGM Date 3. Application for SEA/SA screening of NP 4. Letter to CEO of Adur Council regarding lack of support to the Forum 5. Proposed alternative to act as SBNF Accountable Body 6. Open Green Spaces meeting 7. AOB Attendees: Dave Collins (DC) Chair Kevin Hall (KH) Vice Chair Jonathan Marshall (JM) Treasurer Mike Whelan (MW) Secretary Mike Gibson (MG) Planning Consultant (attended the meeting part time by phone) Apologies for absence received from: 1. Approval of October meeting minutes DC opened the meeting and proposed that the minutes of the October committee meeting be approved. There were no objections and the meeting minutes were duly signed. The minutes can now be circulated. Action KH 2. AGM Date MW reported that it was not possible to hold an AGM in the week beginning December 12th. DC said that it will not be possible to book the QE2 room for that week in time to give the required 3 weeks’ notice. Therefore it was agreed to postpone the AGM for one month. The proposed AGM date is January 19th 2023. Book QE2 room for AGM on the evening of January 19th 2023 Action DC Create a presentation of the current draft Neighbourhood Plan for the AGM Action MW 3. Application for SEA/SA screening of NP Revision 5 of the Neighbourhood Plan has been submitted by MW to Moira Hayes (Adur Planning Policy Manager, Planning & Development) for review and application for SEA/SA screening. 4. Letter to CEO of Adur Council regarding lack of support to the Forum KH reported that the letter had been emailed to the CEO. An email received on November 11th promised a full response to the complaint within ten working days. KH will circulate this response to all committee members for consideration. Circulate the response received from Adur Council to SBNF committee members Action KH 5. Proposed alternative to act as SBNF Accountable Body JM stated he had been in discussion with Locality regarding possible alternatives to Adur Council being SBNF’s accountable body. Locality has confirmed that a Community Interest Company limited by guarantee could be formed, creating a legal body which could receive grant funds on the Forum’s behalf. The application is ready to submit, if approved by the committee. DC proposed a motion to form such a company, JM seconded this motion and the motion was carried by 5 votes with none against. Application to form a Community Interest Company to be submitted Action JM, DC 6. Open Green Spaces meeting DC has still not received any proposed dates for this meeting to take place and will contact Moira Hayes again. Action DC 7. AOB Meeting closed at 19.50. The next committee meeting will be held on Thursday December 15th at 19.00 at The Shoreham Centre. See events calendar

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  • Policy Archive | SBNF

    The Emerging Neighbourhood Plan Drafts Previous Drafts Latest Revision Plan Status Maps Aspirations Guidance Previous Vision Shoreham Beach will maintain and enhance its eclectic character through a balance between innovative, high-quality, neighbourly development and conservation, which meets the needs of both residents and visitors, ensuring that the neighbourhood thrives as a place to live, work and enjoy a range of community and leisure activities. ​ Shoreham Beach will be a quiet, low emission neighbourhood with the flexibility to accommodate visitors during peak seasons. The flow of people on and off the beach will be safe and smooth. Young and old can choose to travel locally without relying on the car. ​ See Policy Archive > Revised Vision (after consultation) Shoreham Beach aims to maintain and enhance its unique character through responsible development, innovative architecture and the conservation of nature and heritage. A special place to live, work, relax, and enjoy community and leisure activities. It is desired that Shoreham Beach will be a peaceful, low emission neighbourhood with the flexibility to welcome and accommodate visitors during peak seasons. The flow of people on and off the beach will be safe and smooth. Young and old can choose to travel locally without relying on the car. It will be easy to choose active transport to maintain a healthy lifestyle during our daily commute - helping us to be more able in later life. ​ See the latest version of the Plan > Aspirations Gallery Submit your photos Archive An archive folder containing all drafts will load below. Scroll down to see more... Archive Read Feedback ​ About the green group / join Evidence First Draft Policies (2016) ​ Sustainability - Designation of five Local Green Spaces (LGS) - Improve landscaping (advice and database of suitable native vegetation) - Renewable Energy ​ ​ Regeneration & Development (D) - Require a minimum level of information for a valid planning application - Neighbourhood Design Review Panel - Encourage developers to exceed the minimum standards of the building regulations - Establish a multi-use activities area as a component of the use of Beach Green - Identify possible sites for a new school building on the Beach Read Feedback ​ More details/ Join this group ​ See residents' comments and suggestions a map Community Facilities (CF) - School provision - Multi-Use Games Area on Beach Green (north-east corner) - Improve pedestrian access and provision of activities at Adur Rec - Establish an indoor community centre at Beach Green Read Feedback ​ Young People Survey 2017 ​ More details/ Join this group ​ 'What if" Independent Report Transport & Movement (T) - Reduce peak time congestion - Improve connections to the east - Enhance the appearance and community benefit of car parks - Local strategy for electric vehicle infrastructure (to improve air quality, support community energy and boost local trade) - Encourage collaborative consumption (shared community car club, car pooling, car sharing) ​ ​ ​ Read Feedback ​ More details/ Join this group ​ See poster ​ See residents' comments and suggestions on a map How we chose the key issues: We originally conducted a Character Study of the neighbourhood and a household survey . This information has been combined with multiple face-to-face and online discussions, workshops, polls and data from other sources (such as the Census and ONS projections) to create the most accurate data possible - to reflect the characteristics of all residents. See our community engagement factsheet . We formed working groups to address each of the key issues . These working groups have reviewed the Have Your Say Day Draft Policy Feedback, plus online feedback and "What if" feedback about AECOM's 'What if" options and are working on the next revision . ​ We are obliged to follow a specific process and must meet Basic Conditions specified by law. See our Frequently Asked Questions page for more details. DRAFT Spread the word:

  • Shoreham Beach Forum

    The Neighbourhood Plan is a community-led framework for promoting and guiding the sustainable development of Shoreham Beach and Adur Rec. over the next 15 years. Spread the word News & Inspiration AGM & Plan Q&A - 19 Jan 2023 - New Members Welcome 17 Jan 2023 SBNF Winter 2022 Update for Beach News 20 Nov 2022 Seven simple ways to help us finish your Neighbourhood Plan 28 Sept 2021 AGM & Plan Q&A - 19 Jan 2023 - New Members Welcome 17 Jan 2023 1/5 Get involved Movement Facilities Built Environment Land & Water

  • Latest Revision | shoreham-beach-forum

    The Emerging Neighbourhood Plan (DRAFT) Previous Drafts Latest Revision Maps Plan Status Issues Aspirations Resources Here you will find the most recent version of the draft Plan for informal discussion with the district council, county council, residents and key stakeholders. enlarge Fullscreen Docx comment Comments & enquiries DRAFT Part 1: Statutory Policies Deliverable within 15 years Legally binding Subject to Referendum View Latest Live Document* * certain working group members will be able to comment or edit the document directly via this link Shortcuts: * 1 VISION * 2 PRINCIPLES * 3 OBJECTIVES * 4 POLICIES ​ or View as PDF (lo-res) ​ DRAFT Part 2: Aspirations Supplementary proposals which do not require planning consent and do not need to be deliverable within 15 years. Not subject to Referendum. View Latest Liv e Document* * certain members will be able to comment or edit the document directly via this link DRAFT Part 3: Design Code / Guide View Latest Live Document * * certain members will be able to comment or edit the document directly via this link Shortcuts * A - Beach Green Toilet Block * B - Area-wide Guidance * C - Protecting the LNR * D - Guidance for Active Transport Comment DRAFT Supporting Documents ​ Urban Character Study History of Development & Planning Applications Study ​ Green Spaces Audit & Ownership Boundaries ​ Map of Existing Nature & Marine Protections Basic Conditions Checklist Community Consultation Statement​ comment Comments & Enquiries Send Comment Thanks! Message sent. Share

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