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  • SBNF Officers Meeting Minutes - June 2021

    24 June 2021, 8pm Waterside Inn Agenda 1. Forthcoming JSC Meeting 2. Immediate Actions after Re-designation 3. SBNF AGM 1. Forthcoming JSC meeting DC presented the first in-person meeting of the SBNF officers in many months with copies of an email received from the Adur Planning Department. This confirmed that Forum Redesignation will be discussed at the next meeting of Adur & Worthing Joint Strategy Committee (JSC), on July 13 2021. DC proposed that the Forum submit a copy of the Neighbourhood Plan status report and programme to completion as presented by him in a meeting with Council Members in December 2020. This proposal was seconded by KH and unanimously approved by the attending forum officers. Action MW to update the status report and programme and email these documents to all relevant parties. 2. Immediate Actions if Re-designation Approved It was agreed that as soon as SBNF Redesignation has been approved by the JSC an urgent meeting with the Adur Planning Department will be sought to discuss funding of the Forum to deliver the proposed completion programme. Redesignation automatically releases additional Government Funding for the Neighbourhood Plan which in turn will enable the Forum to apply for additional funding from Locality. However these funds need to be applied for as soon as possible to allow the programme to proceed, particularly to fund further Have Your Say Days to re-engage the Community and Stakeholders, encourage discussion of the emerging Neighbourhood Plan and ensure the widest possible support. Action DC SBNF Working Groups will be reconvened to continue the work necessary to incorporate ADC Planners comments on the emerging Neighbourhood Plan and bring it to Draft Regulation 14 Status. The Management Committee will seek help from existing Working Group members and any Forum members or Beach Residents who may be interested in joining one or more Working Groups. Action DC, KH, JM, MW 3. SBNF AGM The Management Committee intends to hold an AGM as soon as practicable after the JSC approves Redesignation. Given the likely timing of Redesignation and the Management Committee’s desire to have the widest possible participation from the Community and Stakeholders, the AGM is likely to be held after the Summer Holiday period. Meeting closed at 2100. It was agreed that the July Management Committee meeting will be held as soon as possible after the JSC approves the Redesignation of SBNF. See events calendar Attendees: Dave Collins (DC) Chairman Kevin Hall (KH) Vice Chairman Mike Gibson (MG) Planning Consultant Jonathan Marshall (JM) Treasurer Mike Whelan (MW) Secretary #minutes #management #ADC #funding

  • SBNF Officers Meeting Minutes - March 2021

    15 March 2021, 6pm Online video conference Agenda 1. Chairman’s Report 2. Any Other Business 1. Chairman’s Report DC attended a meeting with members of the Adur Joint Strategy Committee to discuss the redesignation of the Forum. A decision on this has been deferred since it was discussed at the July 2020 meeting of the JSC. DC presented a summary of the current status of the plan and the steps remaining to complete it. It became apparent that the JSC had not been provided with sufficient information in advance of the July 2020 meeting regarding the significant progress made by the Forum towards completion of the emerging Neighbourhood Plan. Supporting documents provided by the Forum had also not been received. Thus an unduly negative impression was formed. All the facts are now in the possession of the JSC and it is hoped that when the matter is discussed at the April 2021 JSC meeting the outcome will be a decision to redesignate the Forum. The Forum plans to hold an AGM as soon as possible after redesignation is agreed by the JSC. Redesignation of the Forum will release some funding which will enable community engagement events such as Have Your Say Days. 2. Any Other Business MW has submitted a Forum news item for the Spring Edition of Beach News. This included our thanks to Tony Wallington for all his valuable service and contributions to the Management Committee and the Forum. Meeting closed at 1845. It was agreed that the next Management Committee meeting is dependant on a commitment from JSC towards re-designation. See events calendar Attendees: Dave Collins (DC) Chairman Kevin Hall (KH) Vice Chairman Mike Gibson (MG) Planning Consultant Jonathan Marshall (JM) Treasurer Mike Whelan (MW) Secretary #minutes #management #ADC #funding

  • SBNF Officers Meeting Minutes - November 2020

    25 November 2020, 7pm Online video conference Agenda 1. Letter of thanks to Tony Wallington 2. Forthcoming meeting with Adur & Worthing JSC 3. Any other business 1. Letter of thanks to Tony Wallington Tony Wallington has resigned from his position on the committee for health reasons. DC proposed that the Committee Secretary write a letter of thanks to Tony in recognition of his very valuable services to the Forum Committee as Vice Chair and later Community Engagement. The meeting approved this unanimously. Action: MW to draft the letter of thanks. 2. Preparation for forthcoming meeting with Adur-Worthing Joint Strategy Committee The Committee formally approved a document which had been prepared following a discussion with ADC planning officers on 10 November, which describes the actions taken by the Committee to address all the objections to redesignation and provides a timetable defining the remaining stages towards completion and approval of the Neighbourhood Plan. This document was approved by committee members via email earlier this week for submission to Martin Randall for distribution to members of the Adur-Worthing JSC. As agreed at the meeting with ADC officers, representatives of the Forum committee have been invited to attend the JSC meeting to put the case for redesignation. The Committee decided that the Chairman will attend this meeting and speak on behalf of the Forum. The Committee was very disappointed to note that this matter had still not been added to the agenda of the next Adur-Worthing JSC meeting on 1 December, having been ready to present its case at the November JSC meeting. It seems unlikely it can be added at this late stage and so it may be deferred yet again until January. Action: DC to urgently contact Martin Randall to clarify the situation 3. Any Other Business MW pointed out that the next joint meeting between committee members of the Forum and SBRA had been planned to take place in early December, after the JSC had discussed Forum redesignation. Should the JSC meeting to decide Forum redesignation be further delayed it was agreed that the planned meeting with SBRA should be postponed accordingly. Meeting closed at 1945. The next Management Committee meeting is due to be held in December, date to be determined. See events calendar Attendees: Dave Collins (DC) Chairman Kevin Hall (KH) Vice Chairman Mike Whelan (MW) Secretary Mike Gibson (MG) Planning Consultant Apologies for Absence: Jonathan Marshall (JM) Treasurer #minutes #management #ADC

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  • SBNF constitution

    THE CONSTITUTION The Forum aims to promote or improve social, economic and environmental wellbeing and conditions in the Shoreham Beach area SUMMARY The Constitution establishes the Forum’s aims and provides the organisational framework for its activities. Here is a summary, with particular reference to the activities necessary for producing the Neighbourhood Plan. ‘the Forum aims to promote or improve the social, economic and environmental well-being and conditions in the Shoreham Beach area particularly through the preparation and implementation of a Neighbourhood Plan.' The Forum is a democratic and accountable membership organisation. is open to individuals who live and/or work in the area and elected members of Adur District Council and/or West Sussex County Council whose ward or division includes the area. Membership ‘the Forum will be as representative as possible of the people who live and work in the area. Thus membership will be drawn from different places in the area and from different sections of the community’ The Forum’s activities are managed by a Committee (steering group) which meets once a month and comprises officers elected at the AGM – Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and Membership Secretary – together with Working Group Leaders and Deputies. The volunteer members of the Committee and the Action Groups are supported by a professional planning advisor, working on the basis of a combination of paid and pro-bono time. The is responsible for the key activities of the Forum: Management Committee Agreeing and ensuring the implementation of the Communications and Community Engagement Strategy. Co-ordinating the activities of the Working Groups: Residential Development & Regeneration Transport & Movement Community Facilities Sustainable, Green Neighbourhood Communications & Community Engagement Drafting, agreeing and promoting the of the Shoreham Beach Neighbourhood Plan. implementation Working in partnership with relevant public, private and community sector stakeholders, in particular with the Shoreham Beach Residents Association and Adur District Council. The Constitution also requires the Forum to organise a minimum of two Have Your Say each year which enables the Forum to: events showcase its activities, particularly the evolving Neighbourhood Plan, recruit new members, enable Forum Working Groups to have discussions with wider groups of local people, facilitate Q&A sessions with the Local Planning Authority officers, councillors and developers with an interest in the area, share experiences with voluntary and community sector from elsewhere in the district and other towns and cities which are preparing and involved in implementing Neighbourhood Plans. organisations 📃 View the complete constitution... EVENTS COMMITTEE MINUTES VISION, OBJECTIVES & ISSUES

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    The is a community-led framework for promoting and guiding the sustainable development of Shoreham Beach and Adur Rec. over the next 15 years. Neighbourhood Plan Spread the word News & Inspiration Press Release - Forum’s response to the deferred re-designation Seven simple ways to help us finish your Neighbourhood Plan Government Changes to Neighbourhood Planning due to COVID-19 (and associated delays) 1/5 Get involved Movement Facilities Built Environment Land & Water

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