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The Forum aims to promote 
or improve social,  economic and environmental wellbeing and conditions in the Shoreham Beach area 


The Constitution establishes the Forum’s aims and provides the organisational framework for its activities. Here is a summary, with particular reference to the activities necessary for producing the Neighbourhood Plan.


‘the Forum aims to promote or improve the social, economic and environmental well-being and conditions in the Shoreham Beach area particularly through the preparation and implementation of a Neighbourhood Plan.'

The Forum is a democratic and accountable membership organisation. Membership is open to individuals who live and/or work in the area and elected members of Adur District Council and/or West Sussex County Council whose ward or division includes the area.


‘the Forum will be as representative as possible of the people who live and work in the area. Thus membership will be drawn from different places in the area and from different sections of the community’


The Forum’s activities are managed by a Committee (steering group) which meets once a month and comprises officers elected at the AGM – Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and Membership Secretary – together with Working Group Leaders and Deputies. 


The volunteer members of the Committee and the Action Groups are supported by a professional planning advisor, working on the basis of a combination of paid and pro-bono time.


The Management Committee is responsible for the key activities of the Forum:

  • Agreeing and ensuring the implementation of the Communications and Community Engagement Strategy.


The Constitution also requires the Forum to organise a minimum of two Have Your Say events each year which enables the Forum to:


  • showcase its activities, particularly the evolving Neighbourhood Plan,

  • recruit new members,

  • enable Forum Working Groups to have discussions with wider groups of local people,

  • facilitate Q&A sessions with the Local Planning Authority officers, councillors and developers with an interest in the area,

  • share experiences with voluntary and community sector organisations from elsewhere in the district and other towns and cities which are preparing and involved in implementing Neighbourhood Plans.


📃 View the complete constitution...

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