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Interactive Maps of Shoreham Beach Development Plans

NP Policy Map
Draft SBNF Policy Index Map (2022)
Local Plan Map
Transport Maps
Click on icons for details and comments by local residents.

* Red = Transport related issues

* Blue = existing cycling/walking routes and parking facilities

* Orange = Popular destinations (community facilities)

* Black = Possible / planned development by others (councils, developers, etc)
that could have an impact on transport & movement.

* Purple = SBNF draft proposals

Issues & Opportunities

Information about recorded injury collisions

Traffic Accidents
Traffic Concerns
Cycling & Walking Routes
Fitness Tracker Activity Maps

Millions of people upload their rides and runs to fitness tracker companies like Strava, Bike Citizens and Runtastic every week via their smartphone or GPS device. The aggregated data can be used by city planners to improve infrastructure for bicyclists and pedestrians. We are also using it to inform our fitness loop proposals.

Activity Tracker Maps
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