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Research & Evidence

The Neighbourhood Plan provides an opportunity for a ‘community audit' (see map) of neighbourhood facilities, to identify gaps in provision and develop proposals for improvement. The 2015 Household Survey Report identified several needs:

  • improved shopping facilities, i.e. pharmacy

  • more leisure facilities for young & elderly

  • increased capacity at the primary school


Population Facts (2011 Census)


Beach Primary School Capacity:        210

Primary school age children:            330 (increasing)

Total children under sixteen:           770 (increasing)

Residents aged 65+                 739

Total beach residents (in 2011):  4,524

A big thank you to all those who have taken part in our subsequent workshops and surveys. The 2016 Workshop Report and 2017 Youth Survey provide valuable insight into school spaces, green spaces and leisure activities, including the future of the AOAC. Charts and comments are colour-coded by sentiment and maps show where respondents live in relation to the issues they were voting on.


The 2016 workshop was launched at the SBNF Have Your Say day in February 2016 and was available online for two months. Paper copies were also available at the SBRA AGM. We received 60 responses from residents aged between 25 and 65+ who provided a vast amount of useful feedback. which is now being put to good use in the development of draft policies, a master plan for Beach Green and planning brief for the main gateway to the local beach nature reserve.

Feedback about the first draft of policies and objectives has been overwhelmingly positive and constructive. Independent research by AECOM also resulted in some innovative proposals for sheltered housing and increased school capacity. These options have been incorporated into the supplementary, aspirational section of the latest draft of the Plan. Some of the other policies have been incorporated into other sections of the Plan. We are now gathering photographic evidence for the Plan - submit your images and vote for your favourites.

In this section

Strategic Objective

(Revision 3, Dec 2017)

The Plan will improve residents’ quality of life by strengthening community hubs, conserving the neighbourhood’s historic assets, and meeting the leisure needs of both the resident population and visitors, by enhancing and creating places (buildings and public spaces) where people of all ages can meet and socialise.

Draft policies:

  • Posters at Previous Have Your Say Days

Objectives & Policies

Audit of Facilities (interactive map):



Click on icons for details and comments by local residents.

Useful Links, Stakeholders & Resources

Articles about community facilities


My Community

Guidance for producing a Neighbourhood Plan under the Localism Act

How to share the workload when developing the neighbourhood plan.

Toolkit aimed at neighbourhood planning groups who are intending to allocate sites for development. The principles for allocating sites and the methods that should be applied to make sure the sites that are chosen are the most appropriate

Adur Council Planning Applications

Population Data

Office of National Statistics Census data

Harbour Regeneration

Our neighbourhood plan must be in general conformity with the harbour-wide Joint Area Action Plan (JAAP). Understand the vision for Shoreham Harbour.

The National Coastwatch Institution (NCI) is an entirely voluntary organisation keeping a visual watch along UK shores.

Facebook Group hoping to start a 'community response' to the future of the centre.

Campaign for a public slipway with adequate adjacent parking for cars and trailers.

Friends of the Old Fort

Shoreham Beach Resident's Association

Publisher's of Beach Life - full-colour magazine giving regular updates three times a year.

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