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The Emerging Neighbourhood Plan Summary (DRAFT)

Vision (Oct 2016)

Shoreham Beach will maintain and enhance its eclectic character through a balance between innovative, high-quality, neighbourly development and conservation, which meets the needs of both residents and visitors, ensuring that the neighbourhood thrives as a place to live, work and enjoy a range of community and leisure activities.

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Summary of Draft Policies - rev. 1 - Oct 2016

Sustainability (Green & Blue Neighbourhood - G)

The NP will protect and enhance the natural environment and bio-diversity of Shoreham Beach by improving public awareness of, and investment in, the Local Nature Reserve; providing attractive public green spaces; promoting energy and water efficiency, renewable energy and improved neighbourhood waste management.


G 1 -    Designation of five Local Green Spaces (LGS)

LGS 1 - Beach Green,  
LGS 2 - Adur Rec,  
LGS 3 - Falcon Close,  
LGS 4 - Soldiers Point,
LGS 5 - Silver Sand

G 2 -    Improve landscaping (advice and database of suitable native vegetation)

G 3 -    Renewable Energy

Regeneration & Development (D)

The NP will identify and encourage diverse opportunities for the high quality improvement and selective redevelopment of the built environment, which respond to community needs/priorities and the increasing development pressures from the housing market and tourism.

D 1 -   Require a minimum level of information for a valid planning application

D 2 -   Neighbourhood Design Review Panel

D 3 -   Encourage developers to exceed the minimum standards of the building regulations

D 4 -   Establish a multi-use activities area as a component of the use of Beach Green

D 5 -   Identify possible sites for a new school building on the Beach

Community Facilities (CF)

The NP will improve residents’ quality of life by strengthening the role of the neighbourhood school as a vital community hub, conserving the neighbourhood’s historic assets, and meeting the leisure needs of both the resident population and visitors, by enhancing and creating places (buildings and public spaces) where people of all ages can meet and socialise.

CF1     School provision*

CF2.1  Multi-Use Games Area on Beach Green (north-east corner)

CF2.2  Improve pedestrian access and provision of activities at Adur Rec

CF3     Establish an indoor community centre at Beach Green

* To be determined after consultations with the WSCC as education authority and Adur Council - to be followed by a meeting with the School Governors.

Transport & Movement (T)

Vision: A low emission, quiet neighbourhood with the flexibility to welcome and accommodate visitors during peak seasons. The flow of people on and off the beach is safe and smooth. Young and old can travel locally without relying on the car. A place where it is easy to choose active transport to maintain a healthy lifestyle during our daily commute.

T 1 -   Reduce peak time congestion

T 2 -   Improve connections to the east

T 3 -   Enhance the appearance and community benefit of car parks

T 4 -   Local strategy for electric vehicle infrastructure
(to improve air quality, support community energy and boost local trade)

T 5 -   Encourage collaborative consumption
(shared community car club, car pooling, car sharing)

How we chose the key issues:

We originally conducted a Character Study of the neighbourhood and a household survey. This information has been combined with multiple face-to-face and online discussions, workshops, polls and data from other sources (such as the Census and ONS projections) to create the most accurate data possible - to reflect the characteristics of all residents. See our community engagement factsheet. We formed working groups to address each of the key issues. These working groups have reviewed the Have Your Say Day Draft Policy Feedback, plus online feedback and "What if" feedback about AECOM's 'What if" options and are working on the next revision.

We are obliged to follow a specific process and must meet Basic Conditions specified by law. See our Frequently Asked Questions page for more details.  


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