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Special Meeting to Amend Constitution

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Existing Neighbourhood Forum members are invited to attend a Special General Meeting online. We need to make a small change to the constitution to align with the rules of our new bank account.

Thurs 20 January, 7pm, online via video conference

Members Only (10 - 25 participants)


We need at least 10 members of the Forum to attend an online meeting to approve a minor change to the Constitution. This is also an opportunity to present our community engagement plans for feedback, suggestions and volunteers. We will send an invite by email and members can RSVP here:


The Forum needs more funding for community engagement to finalise the Neighbourhood Plan. The vast majority of funding is via grant applications - deposited to a qualifying bank account. However, the banking conditions have changed and now the Forum’s bank will only provide accounts on the basis that any one signatory can approve a transaction. This requires a small change to the wording in the Constitution.

Currently, the Constitution requires two signatories to sign a cheque (paragraph 10.1) and that the Treasurer must be authorised by the committee to operate the account online (paragraph 10.2). The Treasurer has proposed the following motion:

CHANGE 10.1 ... Three cheque signatories will be nominated by the Committee (one to be the Treasurer). Any two of these must sign every cheque. TO “... Three cheque signatories will be nominated by the Committee (one to be the Treasurer). Any one signatory to sign”

DELETE 10.2 “The committee must authorise the Treasurer to make any online banking payments”

This change is purely technical to satisfy the bank's terms and conditions and makes no practical difference to the way the Forum will operate its finances. It is essential that the account be set up as soon as possible as this will enable the Forum to apply for additional funding, necessary to fund the website, surveys, promotion and engagement.

For more information about funding options and expenditure, please visit:

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