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SBNF Winter 2021 Update for Beach News

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Beach News Magazine

We publish updates about the progress of the Neighbourhood Plan in every edition of Beach News. Here's a copy of the latest update from our new Committee members:


The Forum has been re-designated and the committee has been re-elected to complete our Neighbourhood Plan. We welcome two new steering group members with extensive sustainability, conservation, and architectural experience.

It’s not an easy process for local residents to write planning policy for the next 15 years and there’ve been several setbacks including a lack of funding, lack of volunteers, lack of digital skills and a large delay due to the pandemic.

However, we’ve worked closely with the ADC planning officers and believe it’s shaping up to be a great document. To help understand what the Plan is - and why we think it’s still necessary, we’d like to answer some common questions:

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

It’s a legal document that developers and planners must adhere to. It’s different to the Local District Plan because it’s written by the community, for the community and specifically tailored to our unique neighbourhood - Marine Ward - which includes Adur Rec.

It began as a protest by one resident who was concerned about the negative impact of the ‘two-for-one’ trend and the difficulties in dealing with the planning process.

The Plan cannot stop development, but it aims to improve the planning process to make it easier for architects, developers, and builders to know what’s appropriate. It also helps neighbours to visualise the impact of proposed new buildings before they are approved, and to protect the unique character of the neighbourhood.

Residents have identified the best qualities of our neighbourhood, incl. the eclectic architecture, cherished views, the nature reserve, the river, and other local green spaces that need protecting. Policies are written to encourage responsible recreational activities and facilitate a healthy lifestyle and cohesive community. We’ve also identified opportunities for traffic calming, better parking, and reducing litter.

Can the Plan stop development?

No, but the Neighbourhood Plan is an opportunity to influence development, prepare for changes and ensure the Beach can cope.

How do I find out more?

We have an extensive website and social media presence. We welcome your interest and hope you will spread the word and comment online. Also look out for surveys, workshops and/or Have Your Say Days.

How far have we got?

Most policies are written, and our job now is to raise funding to re-engage the local community, gather final evidence and write a summary. Once the residents and Local Authority have approved the content, local people will get the chance to vote.

What happened to the photos I submitted?

Your photos are being used on the covers and throughout the document.

How can I help?

It’s hard to make Shoreham Beach an even better place to live, but let’s try!

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