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Application for re-designation to finish The Plan

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Published in the 2020 Spring Edition of Beach News

The Beach’s Neighbourhood Forum representing Marine Ward was designated for five years in November 2014. By November 2019, the Forum’s allotted legal tenure ran out.

Forum Officers have sent an application to re-designate the Area & Forum for another 5-year period to enable the completion of its work. Re-designation is administered by Adur District Council and likely to take about three months from receipt of our application including a public consultation.

When its redesignation is confirmed, the Forum will pass the final Neighbourhood Plan [Version 5] back to the Council for comments and will organise its final ‘HAVE YOUR SAY DAY’ to run immediately after the Forum AGM for members to confirm or change the Committee Officers. Any residents’ comments on the plan offerred at the HYSD could require the Forum to fine-tune the plan before its transmission to the Council.

When the final Beach Neighbourhood Plan [Version 5] is accepted by ADC, the Forum will have completed its work and ADC will organise independent inspection of the plan. When that is finally passed, the Council will administer all aspects of a public referendum for the Beach electorate to decide. The Forum wants this process to happen during 2020.

The Forum’s Committee Officers wish to acknowledge and thank both the Beach community for its patience and the support of every Forum volunteer for giving freely of their time and hard work since November, 2014.

We will keep you informed of progress and next steps. In the meantime, the website will still be available as a valuable community resource for promoting local development and sustainability initiatives.

You can see all 69 pages of the draft plan so far at:

Tony Wallington

Community Engagement Officer


River at low tide photo courtesy of Adam Tinworth on Flickr

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Feb 24, 2020

More information about the process is available here: "Neighbourhood forum designations will typically expire after your plan has been made. In this case you may want to re-designate. Often neighbourhood planning groups monitor the progress of their made neighbourhood plans, including the degree to which the aims and objectives are being realised and the extent to which relevant policies are being considered by the local planning authority when deciding on planning applications.

Technically anyone can keep a check on the plan and monitor planning applications. You do not need to be a designated neighbourhood forum to do this.

However, you may still wish to re-designate. If as part of your monitoring you realise certain policies are not having the desired effect,…

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