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SBNF Officers Meeting Minutes - August 2022

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

18 August 2022 at 19.00

The Adur Room at The Shoreham Centre


Approval of previous meeting minutes

1. Locality Grant Application Status (JM)

2. NP Health Check funding (MG)

3. SEA/SA Application Status (MW)

4. Open Green spaces meeting with Adur Planners (DC)

5. SBNF AGM Planning

6. AOB

Approval of previous meeting minutes

DC opened the meeting and proposed that the minutes of the June and July committee meetings be approved. There were no objections and the meeting minutes were duly signed.

Circulate copies of June and July meeting minutes.

Action KH

Urgently complete uploading of any meeting minutes missing from the SBNF website.

Action MW

1. Locality Grant Application Status

JM confirmed that the Forum’s 2022/3 grant application has been approved by Locality, subject to an Accountable Body being appointed to receive the funding. DC stated that he had been contacted by James Appleton (Adur Planning) by phone regarding the Forum’s request that Adur Council act as the Accountable Body (as suggested by Locality). DC was informed that the Adur Cabinet Executive Committee was reluctant to approve this action because of allegations that the Forum was not acting according to its Constitution.

The Forum Committee has not been formally informed of this response, nor has it been given the chance to respond. This £1,060 grant funding is essential to enable the long awaited Neighbourhood Plan to be completed. After a lengthy discussion the Forum Committee resolved to take the following actions:

1. Contact Locality for legal advice about Adur DC’s possible refusal to act as the Forum’s Accountable Body.

Action MG

2. Draft a letter to the CEO of Adur DC requesting an explanation of the reasons why the Executive Committee is reluctant to approve Adur DC acting as Accountable Body for SBNF.

Action MG

2. NP Health Check funding

MG confirmed that Locality could provide the “Health Check” for the draft Neighbourhood Plan free of charge. Adur Planners have offered to fund such a check, but as the Locality health check would save the Council money this was the preferable option.

3. SEA/SA Application Status

MW reported that his update of the draft Neighbourhood Plan to revision 5, to enable the SEA/SA assessment to be applied for, was about 80% complete and approximately 7 hours of work remained. Some actions to respond to Adur Planners comments are also outstanding and will be addressed by a meeting between MW, DC and JB on Monday August 22nd. It is hoped that Revision 5 can be submitted to Adur Planning by the end of August and the SEA/SA application put forward by them as soon as possible thereafter.

1. Complete draft Neighbourhood Plan, Revision 5.

Action MW

2. Complete responses to Adur Planners comments.

Action MW, DC, JB

NOTE: subsequently, we discovered much more work was needed to complete Revision 5

4. Open Green Spaces Meeting with Adur DC

The Committee agreed that this proposed meeting should take place as soon as possible. DC will contact Moira Hayes to request possible dates for such a meeting with Pippa Reece and other interested parties.

Action DC

5. SBNF AGM Planning

This item was deferred to the next Committee meeting in view of the urgency of resolving the issues arising from Item 1 and completing the actions from Item 3.

6. AOB

The next committee meeting will be held on Thursday September 15th at 19.00 at the Shoreham Centre.

Meeting closed at 20.35.



Dave Collins (DC) Chair

Kevin Hall (KH) Vice Chair

Jonathan Marshall (JM) Treasurer

Mike Whelan (MW) Secretary

James Breckell (JB) Architect

Mike Gibson (MG) Planning Consultant

Apologies for absence received from:

David Johnson (DJ)

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