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Seven simple ways to help us finish your Neighbourhood Plan

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Welcome to all our new subscribers and members. The Neighbourhood Plan aims to protect and strengthen what works here (as decided by the community) and change what doesn’t. To do this well, we need more people to raise awareness, consult with fellow residents about the policies that affect them and help to gather the evidence to finalise the plan. Have your say and help shape the future of Shoreham Beach.

The Neighbourhood Forum must plan for the next 15 years. During this period it is predicted that both the youngest age group and oldest age group will increase the most. The Forum must also consider the impact of the wider community in Adur who wish to visit the Beach and make use of the facilities - including the +/-1,500 new homes (and commercial developments) in the immediate vicinity.

How you can help

1. Public events

Supply a venue and/or help us organise our next Have Your Say day

2. Spread the word in the neighbourhood

Print off the draft Plan or posters and display in your shop / cafe / workplace

3. Stay in touch

Subscribe to our mailing list or become a member.

4. Spread the word online

Invite your friends and colleagues via the website share buttons or our pages on social media: Facebook / LinkedIn / or Youtube

5. Evidence

Get your kids, their friends and your school to fill in the Young People Survey and look out for other surveys and polls.

6. Funding

Membership of the Forum is free, but we rely on grants and donations to fund our community engagement work. If you feel able to contribute, by offering a venue, helping to submit grant applications or by making a small donation, please click on the link. It’s easy to donate - you can choose your own amount and payment method - either Paypal or credit card. We also need help to determine approximate cost and ways of funding the infrastructure proposed in the Plan. Send us an email if you have specialist knowledge of planning, development or crowdfunding.

7. Monitor and Measure

Once the Plan is complete, help to monitor the implementation and measure progress. Send us an email and let us know which of the main issues/topics you would be interested in helping with. See the Monitoring section of the draft Plan for details.

See our 2017 community engagement report for more details and ways to get involved.

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