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Management Committee minutes - Feb 2018

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Wednesday 7 Feb 2018

Community Centre, Pond Street Shoreham

1. Proposal to co-opt Stella Filmer onto the committee - new Committee to consider after the AGM.

2. Agree date of AGM - 9th March - 1900 - Church Hall. Provisional AGM date has been added to the shared calendar.

3. Agree proposed amendments to constitution -

agreed, we will invite members to approve changes at AGM.

4. Finance -

We are accepting donations via Paypal. Donations can also be made via the website's Get Involved page. All financial issues will fall to the new committee, following the AGM.

5. Agree process of communicating to members prior to AGM -

Provisional AGM date has been added to the shared calendar.

Jonathan Marshall to confirm Church Hall availability. Mike Whelan to confirm NP consultant's availability and then email Forum Members to notify them of AGM, forward the constitution amendments (see the G:Drive Management Folder) and the draft plan (see

6. AGM format -

Doors open at 1845. JM will set out chairs.

Meeting would take the form of only the AGM business.

Outgoing Chairman’s report (very short).

The election of Officers as per the constitution.

Constitution amendments. AGM agenda to be available on the day. AGM time limited to deal with AGM issues only. Following the AGM, it was proposed that a period of time be given to explain the Plan Status, and to take questions. Additionally - a meeting would be held of the working groups of the Forum, along with if possible Mike Gibson to discuss the SBRA input to the plan- MW and DC to deal with this. Invitation to attend the SBRA AGM- Ben stride would announce the AGM of the SBNF and appeal for funding.

Discussion on who would be putting themselves forward for officers positions- MW indicated he would be willing to be proposed at Vice-Chairman (if necessary). Jonathan as treasurer. David possibly as Chairman (although this was not final) Meeting close at 20:15


Next Management Meeting: Location and agenda to be confirmed.

see events calendar John Haffenden – note taker.

Present: Mike Whelan (MW) John Haffenden (JH) Howard Porter (HP) Paul Davis (PD) Jonathan Marshall (JM)

Ben Stride (BS) David Collins (DC)


Maurice Pitchford (MP)

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