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Management Committee minutes - April 2017

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Wednesday 12th April

Community Centre, Pond Street Shoreham

Yvonne Campbell was introduced as being prospective Secretary and Paul Davies was introduced as prospective Community Engagement member.

The Committee unanimously agreed and voted both onto the Management Committee with immediate effect to take up the positions of Secretary and Community Engagement. Both were welcomed and Part Two of the Management Committee Minutes will follow. Yvonne Campbell taking the minutes


John Haffenden (JH) – Vice Chairman

Maurice Pitchford (MP) Community Facilities

David Collins (DC) - Regeneration

Mike Gibson (MG) – Planning Consultant

Mike Whelan (MW) – Transport & Movement

Howard Porter (HP)


Howard Carter (HC)

Gwenn Parker Tregoat (GPT) Green and Blue

Jonathan Marshall (JM) - Treasurer

Ben Stride (BS) – Councillor

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