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Join the Green Working Group

Much has been done to prepare for the last Have Your Say Events earlier this month which I hope you may have had the chance to attend.

However much remains to be done:

We have gathered plenty of feedback forms which we need to process and act upon.

Policies remain to be refined and possibly some still to be defined.

There are some very exciting prospects and projects that could emerge from all this public engagement and body of evidence that has been gathered over the past 2 years.

It is so wonderful to witness a Neighbourhood coming together to talk about issues that matters to them, their family and community - whatever they may be.

Within the Green & Blue Neighbourhood group (renamed after considering how much blue our green neighbourhood was made of on the Beach!). We will continue looking at ways to achieve a sustainable community and seek to further protect the 'Green and Blue' spaces on the Beach - and finalise the relevant policies.

Some of these issues could be further defined with a 'statutory policy. '

Others will appear in the 'non-statutory' part of the Neighbourhood Plan: ideas and wishes to include threads and projects that could be made viable via the gathering of like-minded people and brought to action. People who want to make a difference within and for their community.

We will be further focused on working together with residents and 'friends of...' groups already working for - and with - the community - on the Beach. We will be creating links with the different local organisations and stakeholders, to secure more manpower and other potential opportunities for financial support to projects.

We intend to explore ways of accessing funding to make things happen.

We will explore what corridors and rain gardens are.

We will engage with flooding issues and the Environment Agency Tidal Walls scheme.

We will look at sustainable energy: we will be working with our children to help them define what they love so much about the Beach and what kind of Neighbourhood they want when they grow up!

The debate remains open, ideas and intentions can manifest where there is a will.

This Forum is a platform, it generates policies and witnesses the genesis of many ideas.

As a member of the Shoreham Beach Community your input in this Plan is very valuable, even crucial. If you think you would have a bit of time to meet up as a group to drive action and ideas forward.

Please check this page for an update of the work so far and to join the group

I would be delighted to hear from you.

Kind regards,

Gwenn Parker-Trégoat

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