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Management Committee minutes - May 2016

Wednesday 11th May 2016 – 7.15pm

Venue: The Harbour Club

Keely Mowatt - (pre Management Committee) meeting to

discuss Tidal Wall Scheme and potential public workshop/event with SBNF & the Environment Agency

The Management Committee had a productive meeting with Keely. Keely was mindful that things had gone quiet since March. She confirmed that the EA Planning Committee has a recommendation to approve the planning application and are currently working with MMO (Marine Management Organisation) and Natural England. They have a have a preferred supplier in place – Team Van Oord (TVO) and are working with them to get things organized.

Keely noted that there will soon be an increase in activity on the beach – surveys, vegetation clearance, etc. – but not big heavy engineering just yet. As soon as they have contract they will set up site compounds. The main office will be at Beach Green car park. They are working with Adur council to agree the other site locations. There is likely to be a visitors’ centre at the main site and they will have a public liaison officer based out of Shoreham.

There are not firm start dates yet. Keely is hopeful that in about a month’s time there will be more information to go out. The work will start at the north of the railway line. There will be a communication (letter drop) to residents and businesses and an article in the local paper explaining that the work will soon commence and giving an indication of timelines for site and (single story) compound set up. EA would also like to be have information on SBRA and SBNF websites and an article in Beach News (at the end of May).

Keely noted that the work will mean an increase in traffic in Shoreham, particularly Shoreham Beach. A traffic management plan is being drawn up. The management committee noted that there is already a problem with getting off the Beach in the morning due to heavy rush-hour traffic, compounded by a parking issue near the roundabout (The Saltings/the double yellow lines that are waiting to be dealt with). The committee made a formal request to Keely to ask West Sussex County Council about this issue – particularly in light of the need for an emergency access route off the Beach.

The management committee discussed the next HYSD event with Keely – considering how EA could best participate. We agreed it would be important to share what is going to happen, the timeline (from start to finish), practical aspects such as hours of work and what the TA scheme is going to look like when it is finished.


Minutes & Actions from Management Committee Meeting – 20 April 2016


Actions points:

Video content has now been approved and is going to be used as a promotional tool prior to the next HYSD, as are the HYSD notes

Mike G is going to circulate the Locality information

Emma to talk to Dawn and agree the approach to Corin (with Mike W and Gwen)

An application has been submitted to AECOM for the urban design master plan package. Mike G is going to follow up with Stuart (on 12/6/16).

The Committee approved the proposal of Gwen Parker-Tregoat as a new management committee member and welcomed Gwen to the group.


Timetable/Project Plan Update for Neighbourhood Plan – Mike Gibson

Evidence gathering

Draft policies

Have Your Say Day – July

Mike G confirmed that the project plan timetable had been circulated as part of the application process for the grant. The bulk of the evidence gathering has been completed and draft policies are now being worked up. Mike G has met with Gwen (Community Facilities) and is due to meet John and Ben very soon.


Working Group Meetings/Updates

Community Engagement – Emma Whelan

Currently developing an idea for Pintrest – engaging with people and encouraging them to share visual ideas. The format for the next HYSD is being developed as are activities to promote the event.

Community Facilities – Maurice Pitchford

It was noted that Maria and Melissa had offered to support the Community Facilities group. Mike to liaise with Gwen, Melissa, Maria & Maurice to begin the work together.

Transport & Movement – Ben Stride

Ben explained that due to personal reasons he would not be able to deliver on the policy development time-frames. He has spoken to Tony Wallington who is keen to help support the Transport & Movement group. Ben is happy to coordinate the group – taking on an advisory role. Mike G noted that the we have the evidence base for the policy development and believes with one, focused meeting he will then be able to draft the policy.

Regeneration – John Haffenden

The Regeneration group has a meeting planned – on 24th May. This will kick off the policy development

Beach Green Development - Liaising with the Developer/Architect - John

Additional funding sources update/Technical Support– Dawn/Mike Gibson

An application for the urban design master plan package has been

submitted to AECOM . Once the application is processed AECOM will

allocate an urban design consultant to work with us.

Community Facilities/Pocket parks application - Shoreham Beach

Primary School outside space - Dawn/Gwenn update

Gwen met with the headmistress at Shoreham Beach School – to discuss her proposal for a pocket park. Gwen has completed all the paperwork and now just needs the headmistress to sign and approve the application. The application needs to be in by 3rd June; if successful the money will be released in November. Pocket Parks could be considered for other sites around Shoreham Beach – this is something the Community Facilities group will consider as part of its policy development.

Any other business:

Ben informed the Committee of the SBRA Management Committee were not happy their request that ‘two of their members should rejoin/join the SBNF Management Committee’ had been declined by the SBNF Management Committee. But had instead been invited - as individual members of the Forum - to join the Regeneration Working Group. The discussion clarified the SBNF Committee, as summarised below:

the 2016 Committee had been elected at the February AGM in accordance with the provisions of the ADC approved SBNF Constitution;

the new Committee was moving forward on the basis of each member having a defined role;

the SBRA committee member who had made an informal request to re-join the SBNF Committee had previously resigned as SBNF treasurer and been replaced by a newly elected SBNF Committee member February AGM;

the SBRA Committee already has one of its members on the SBNF committee and also Cllr Ben Stride is an ex-officio member of the SBRA Management Committee and a member of SBNF Management committee. Thus there is a clear channel of communication which is consistent with SBRAs’ expressed wish to be a consultee rather than a partner;

since the AGM one additional Forum member had been co-opted on the basis of having delivered significant work which was identifying options for specific sites on the basis of her technical landscape design expertise. There will be a need for more of this type of work which would provide support to the Community Facilities Group;

the Committee re-affirmed its’ wish that SBRA would become more actively involved in the development of the NDP by contributing to the work of the Working Groups and

it was suggested to Ben that it would be helpful if SBRA was still concerned they should write to the SBNF Chairman setting out any outstanding issues or concerns.

John reported he has a meeting scheduled with James Appleton and Martin Randal to discuss the layout of the Ferry Car park in anticipation of there being funding for the public slipway.

Date of next SBNF management committee meeting Wednesday 8th June


Maria, Jenny, Vicky and Melissa

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