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Management Committee minutes - April 2016

Wednesday 20th April 2016

  1. Apologies received from– Howard Carter, Jennie Tindall, Emma Whelan, Maurice Pitchford

  2. Minutes of Management Committee meeting 23rd March 2016 – approved Outstanding actions: Clips of Mike Gibson explaining neighbourhood plan to be uploaded to website – Emma Whelan Have Your Say Day notes uploaded to the website – Mike Whelan – Dawn to confirm whether this has been done. [web editor's note: This is included in the Community Facilities Workshop Report] Produce & circulate a document explaining what the examiner will look for when assessing Neighbourhood Plan – Mike Gibson – carry forward to next meeting. Mike also to circulate link to updated Locality Guide as well as hard copies if available. [web editor's note: This info is now in the FAQs]

  3. Beach Green Development

Dawn, John and Mike Gibson had an informal meeting with Corin Morton from CDMS Architects (architects for Wilbo’s, the preferred developer). Following this meeting Corin circulated an email summarising what he understood to be the issues from the presentation by CDMS & Wilbo’s at the Have Your Say Day in February (see Appendix 1). Ben Stride updated that Adur District Council had extended the preferred developer status for Wilbo’s from the initial period of 4 months. Mike Gibson reminded the committee that the Neighbourhood Plan should be considering options for the whole of Beach Green for the next 15 years. The committee agreed that it would be useful to have regular meetings with Corin to keep up to date with plans. ACTION: Follow up meeting with Corin to be arranged in early May – John

4. Update on Meeting - AECOM Facilitation/community engagement support

John, Mike G and Dawn met with Stuart Woodin from AECOM. The Neighbourhood Forum originally applied for facilitation however due to an improvement in the situation it was agreed to suspend the facilitation/community engagement package.

Following some discussion at the above meeting around the Beach Green Development it was suggested the Neighbourhood Forum applies for an Urban Design Mini Masterplan package. As part of this a consultant will come look at the area and suggest possible schemes. Mike Gibson suggested having some of these schemes and concepts at the next Have Your Say Day as well as the updated Wilbo’s plans.

ACTION: Submit application for the Urban Design package to AECOM – Dawn.

John noted that the Urban Design package does not have to be constrained to one location and suggested other areas on the beach to be considered: on West Beach, the area around the children’s home and garages as well as the garages by the Ferry Road car park. This would involve a site allocation package from AECOM. It was noted that it is only possible to run two packages at once.

ACTION: Suspend/cancel the facilitation package and subsequently apply for the site allocation package – Dawn.

It was reported that an initial timescale for the Urban Design package of 8-16 weeks had been given by Stuart. However the Management Committee had recently been approached by Gwen Parker-Tregoat, a landscape designer with some sketches around Beach Green & Falcon Close enhancements or developments who could assist.

ACTION: Mike Gibson to speak to Stuart regarding the process and offer Gwen’s assistance.

ACTION: Gwen’s contact details to be passed to John Haffenden to discuss Beach Green ideas.

5. Working Group Meetings/Updates

The working groups were confirmed as follows:

Community Engagement – Chair – Emma Whelan

Community Facilities & Green Neighbourhood – Co-chairs: Maurice Pitchford & Jennie Tindall.

Regeneration – Chair – John Haffenden

Transport & Movement – Chair – Ben Stride

Mike Gibson referred to a document circulated to the committee – Working Groups – Programme of Meetings (see Appendix 2) setting out possible dates and a plan to move forward with draft policies.

Mike Whelan has circulated by email 3 reports from the surveys on the website. It was agreed that Mike W would attend the initial meetings of all the working groups to introduce the evidence and discuss before working on draft policies. The second meeting, attended by Mike Gibson would be to discuss draft policies.

The committee wished to formally thank Mike Whelan for all his excellent work on the surveys & evidence.

a) Community Engagement. The issue of engagement of people who are not online was discussed.

ACTION: Community Engagement to consider engaging those not online via A4 newsletter to every household on the beach.

ACTION: To discuss and agree the format of the next Have Your Say Day.

It was agreed that Maria and Melissa would join the Community Engagement Group.

b) Community Facilities & Sustainability It was suggested that Gwen is voted onto the Management Committee and joins this group, potentially as Co-chair or Vice-Chair to assist Maurice & Jennie.

ACTION: Ben to discuss Gwen’s joining of the group with Maurice.

ACTION: Community Facilities to discuss Gwen’s concepts for Falcon Close.

c) Transport & Movement It was noted that Mike Whelan would join this group.

d) Regeneration It was noted that Julia from Shoreham Beach Residents Association would be joining this group.

Viki reported that Mike Whelan had created contact groups on the Shoreham Beach Forum gmail account for each group consisting of email addresses of individuals interested in being involved in that particular working group. Viki has organized the email inbox and filed all emails under the relevant working groups/headings and also saved all documents on the google drive and written a guide to all of this.

ACTION: Viki to update and circulate instructions for using the gmail account and google drive.

6. Tidal Walls Scheme/Environment Agency (EA) - Have Your Say Day Involvement – Dawn – Done – see actions

Agreed it was important to stay up to date with the Environment Agency tidal wall plans on two levels: (i) so the construction period can be built into the Neighbourhood Plan phasing; (ii) to take account of the long term impact.

ACTION: Invite James Fuller from the Environment Agency to the next Management Committee Meeting – Dawn.

7. Timetable/Project Plan for Neighbourhood Plan - Dawn/Mike Gibson

Mike Gibson explained that the core of project plan will be happening over the next 6 weeks. Then everything will flow from the next Have Your Say Day.

Banners for the Have Your Say Day were discussed with placement at Saltings Roundabout and on the Ferry Bridge agreed.

ACTION: Placement & wording of banners to be agreed by the Community Engagement group.

8. Additional Funding Sources Update Mike G explained there is £2K to apply for. From this £2,000, £1,600 will be set aside for consultancy fees with the remaining £400 allocated to the next Have Your Say Day.

ACTION: Mike to check whether there are any further sources of income the committee can apply for – to discuss with Stuart from AECOM and to see if the Local Authority can give additional funding from the £5,000 allocated to them for the Neighbourhood Plan..

9. Any other business

Adur Outdoor Activity Centre – Update The criteria for organisations wishing to bid will be released shortly. It has been agreed that the local community will have representatives on the panel which will decide on the successful bidder. It was agreed that the Neighbourhood Forum should put someone forward for this – Viki volunteered.

ACTION: John & Viki to discuss further and Viki’s name to be put forward to the relevant parties.

Adur Slipways Working Group John reported that there were originally 3 options considered: Soldiers Point; Ferry Road and Adur Rec car park. There is agreement in principle for Adur Rec and Ferry Road whereas Soldiers Point does not have Port Authority backing. It was agreed that the slipway should come under the Transport & Working group and that Brendan Whelan, Chair of the Shoreham Slipways Group should join Transport & Movement Working Group.

ACTION: John to give Brendan’s contact details to Ben.

Public Meeting Lancing – Friday 22nd/Saturday 23rd April 2016 There is a public engagement meeting being held regarding property development by Hyde - near the Saltings Roundabout, north of Brighton Road / west of New Salts Farm Road. Hyde have an initial proposal of 46 houses however the full site could have up to 600 houses on it. Concern was expressed regarding the increased traffic on the A259 and at Saltings Roundabout thereby affecting access to and from the Beach.

Next management committee meeting: Wednesday 11th May

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