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Brighton Festival’s theme is Home & Place

SBNF will soon be drafting policies to help shape the future of our community. With that in mind, here are three thought-provoking Brighton Festival events to get you inspired, plus a chance to be part of a unique global video project by a Turner-Prize winning artist.

“the theme of home and place is especially relevant with so many people in the world on the move now looking, like all of us, for a place we can belong” - Laurie Anderson, Guest Director of Brighton Festival 2016

A Room With Your Views

Turner-Prize winning artist Gillian Wearing is seeking participants to be part of a unique, global, collective filmmaking project - one of the largest of its kind ever to be produced - for a new commission, A Room With Your Views, as part of this year’s Brighton Festival.

The project aims to capture a snapshot of views from people’s homes all over the world - from urban spaces to remote countryside - and invites the public to film a short clip of either their curtains or blinds opening to reveal a view from their window. Like the curtains going up at the beginning of a stage play, each view will be a pictorial unveiling of a landscape, cityscape or even a brick wall. The idea is very simple; film a very short clip of either curtains or blinds opening to reveal the view from a window, preferably without showing hands or arms.

Upload your film to

Know My Neighbour

Social isolation is finally being recognised as one of the most damaging issues within our society, yet presenting a viable solution for it is still seemingly a long way off. Know My Neighbour is an attempt to cut to the heart of this epidemic by encouraging neighbourliness as a way of changing people’s lives. Join them for a panel discussion about this vital subject.

Writing Home

New Writing South will be throwing open its doors to get people writing about home. What is home? Is it a place, a feeling or something else? Drop in to The Writers' Place to put your words on paper in our typewriter den, then add your piece of writing to our wall of words. For more inspiration come along to a drop-in workshop.

The 50th Brighton Festival will take place from 7-29 May 2016

If hese events have re-kindled your community spirit, there is still time to join a neighbourhood forum working group and help us design a strong community on Shoreham Beach

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