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Have Your Say Day and AGM - Feb 2016

At our next Have Your Say Day you'll be able to see how the Neighbourhood Plan is developing and share views with the working groups. Residents and businesses have been working with Shoreham Beach Neighbourhood Forum to develop a plan for the area. The plan looks at all aspects of what it is like to live and work on The Beach, including things like housing, transport, education and community spaces.

What makes Shoreham Beach special? • What would you like to see improved or changed? • How can we improve facilities for the young and the elderly? • Could we be a beacon for environmental excellence - developing our community in a truly sustainable way?

We need more views aired, more opinions shared and more ideas coming from you - the community. Time is running out for you to have your say and help shape the future of Shoreham Beach. Our target is June 2016 - we want to hear from as many people as possible.

Come and tell us your thoughts. We’ll be at Shoreham Beach Primary School on Saturday 6th February 2016, open house to all - we’d love to hear from you. There will be tea and coffee. There will be biscuits. There will be good conversation. Come and join us and help develop a place you want to be part of.

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