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Household Survey - Your Voice, Your Views, Our Community


[UPDATE: You can now download the full survey report here]


This survey is being organised by Shoreham Beach Neighbourhood Forum as part of a community-driven initiative to give local people a powerful new voice in how our area will develop and change during the next 20 years.

The Forum was established in July last year and is a "non-party political" group that comprises residents, businesses, community groups and stakeholders. Its objective is to prepare and implement a Neighbourhood Plan (NP) to help shape Shoreham Beach's future.

If adopted by public referendum, the Shoreham Beach NP will:

  • Set out a vision showcasing how local people would like Marine Ward to look in 20 years.

  • Complement Government policies and Adur District Council's draft Local Plan and encourage first-class and sustainable development.

  • Tackle a wide range of issues including housing, employment, heritage conservation, transport, protection of open spaces, recreation and leisure. Local people will decide its scope and remit.

To ensure the Plan is robust and representative, we are keen to obtain views from a cross-section of local residents, of all ages and from all walks of life and from the eastern and western areas of the Beach – plus the business community.

The survey results will be analysed and will be fed back to residents via Beach News and Have Your Say events. The feedback will then help to form the 'evidence base' for the draft NP.

Surveys can be completed anonymously. However, all named entries will be entered into a raffle and a £50 prize will be awarded. Please note there's no "right or wrong" answer. The suggestions do not indicate Forum policies – this survey is to help develop policies for public discussion. Your data will be used only in conjunction with this survey and will not be shared with third parties. For the purposes of this survey, Marine Ward includes all of Shoreham Beach plus Adur Recreation Ground.

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