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  • 22 September 2021 | 17:00
    Community Centre, 2 Pond Rd, Shoreham-by-Sea BN43 5WU, UK
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  • Minutes and Actions for all Members - AGM 2021

    22 September 2021 at 18.00 QEII Room, The Shoreham Centre Agenda 1. Minutes of last AGM 2. Chairman’s Statement 3. Election of Committee and Officers 4. Any Other Business 5. Questions Attendees: Dave Collins, Chairman Kevin Hall, Vice Chairman Jonathan Marshall, Treasurer Mike Whelan, Secretary Twenty one other forum members, incl. 6 new members Apologies for absence: Councillor Kevin Boram Tony wallington 1. Minutes of last AGM Joss Loader pointed out from the floor that the minutes of the last AGM should be the first item on the agenda. This was accepted but a copy of those minutes was not immediately available. Given the unavoidable passage of time since the last AGM and no-one having objected to the AGM minutes when they were published online and emailed to all members (along with a full community Engagement report), the minutes were taken as having been read and agreed. Note: the previous minutes were read by 92 people via email and by 57 people online. J.Sargent commented about one graphic in the engagement report, rightly pointing out that “not all elderly people walk with a cane”. See figure 1 below. 2. Chairman’s Report The Annual General Meeting was opened with a statement of the status of the emerging Neighbourhood Plan by Dave Collins, the Chairman of the SBNF Management Committee. This outlined the status of the Forum and the emerging Neighbourhood Plan as it has evolved since the last AGM in 2018 and the reasons why little progress has been possible especially while the Forum was in the process of being redesignated by Adur & Worthing Council. A considerable amount of work remains to be done to incorporate Planning Department review comments about the draft Neighbourhood Plan while maintaining consistency with data and aspirations set out by the Working Groups. Have Your Say days and consultation with stakeholders will further refine the Plan resulting in a Regulation 14 Draft Plan for consultation. ACTION: The Forum appeals for volunteers to help complete this process by taking part in the reconvened Working Groups, covering Regeneration, Green spaces and Transport. Contact the group leaders at Click here to read the chairman's report > Click here to see Progress so far > 3. Election of Committee and Officers The Management Committee currently consists of four members (the Community Engagement Officer, Tony Wallington, having retired) and the quorum required by the Constitution is five. Therefore nominations for candidates to stand for election to the Committee were called for. Two candidates were proposed: James Breckell proposed by Joss Loader, seconded by David Johnson David Johnson proposed by Susan Storrar, seconded by Julia Watts Both have been involved since the start and have a wealth of relevant local expertise in planning, architecture, and sustainability. The nominations were put to a vote in the room and both candidates were unanimously elected to the committee. There then followed a series of votes for the positions of the Committee Officers. The current Officers (Dave Collins, Kevin Hall, Jonathan Marshall and Mike Whelan) were elected unopposed. Some 40+ proxy votes were also received prior to the meeting. Neither of the two new committee members wished to stand for the position of Community Engagement Officer and this position remains vacant. It was agreed that the community engagement strategy and a description of the role of Community Engagement Officer should be re-distributed so that a suitable volunteer/s for the role can be found. In the meantime the essential function of liaison with stakeholder organisations to maximise community engagement will be carried out by other Committee members. ACTION: MW urged the members to view the Get Involved section of the website, as well as the Project Status section, which includes a list of actions and stakeholders that need to be involved in each stage of the process. 4. Any Other Business Joss Loader (SBRA Chair) appealed to the Forum committee to reach out to stakeholder organisations such as SBRA, FOSB, FOSF to maximise engagement with the Shoreham Beach community. The committee welcomed this suggestion and opportunity offered to contact beach residents through stakeholder organisations. All stakeholders that we are aware of are on our mailing list and receive regular emails. ACTION 1: The committee would appreciate it if the organisations that we contact would pass on any pertinent information in our emails to their members. ACTION 2: Please tell us if any local organisations are missing from the five directories on our website > Fig. 1 - Example of email activity by the Forum Several forum members spoke of not having sufficient information about what the Neighbourhood Plan contains, what it can do and what it cannot do. The committee took this on board and will make sure that the extensive information on the website (Plan, Maps, FAQs, etc.) is communicated through public events and social media whenever possible. This will be part of the community engagement process mentioned above. Fig. 2 - Screenshot of the Frequently Asked Questions section of the website ACTION 1: The committee would appreciate it if members use the website for information until we can raise funds and recruit volunteers to hold a Have Your Say Day. ACTION 2: We will publish some FAQs in the next Beach News. It was pointed out that the Committee is currently exclusively white, male and not youthful. However the committee can only be composed of residents who volunteer to serve on it and in that sense its composition cannot easily be diversified. The age range of people attending the AGM was similar to that of the committee, so in that sense it is representative. The committee has been more diverse in the past and can be so again. However the Committee readily accepts that there is an urgent need to encourage and enable younger and more diverse public participation. ACTION: Please contact us if would like to join the committee or engage young people. Fig. 3 - Excerpt from the community engagement report Several members called for the Forum to maximise its use of social media as that could increase community engagement, especially among younger residents. The Forum already does use a variety of social media channels including Facebook, Nextdoor, Linkedin, Youtube and Pinterest, but it is up to residents to follow, like and share this content - and crucially volunteer some time to help moderate and produce more content. More funding will be needed in order to boost the reach of social media posts. Social media is open to everyone so it is difficult to ascertain who is actually a resident. The Forum is also testing an online forum on our website for registered members. Fig 4 - Excerpt from the community engagement report showing social media activity on Facebook over the course of a year. ACTION: please follow, like and share our content and/or volunteer to help produce more, or raise funds to boost posts. The following questions were also sent in advance: 1) Looking forward to the next twenty odd years, how do you envisage ensuring that living on the Beach, is not just for the rich? 2) Given that many dwellings will be able to add a third storey, how will the Beach accommodate this level of development - both people and servicing pressures? #management #AGM

  • Chairman's Report 2021

    This report was presented at the SBNF AGM in Sept 2021. 1. Overview of action since March 2018 AGM (also see project status) 2. The key issue of the redevelopment of the toilet block and the future of Beach Green 3. Work needed to complete the Neighbourhood Plan Part 1 - Overview of Action - March 2018 to July 2021 Click here to see a full overview of the Project Plan, including key milestones, outcomes and stakeholders > 2018: work focussed on developing Draft Neighbourhood Plan Policies Reconvened working groups on regeneration & facilities, sustainability and transport Resumed meetings with ADC planning officers on evolving Draft Policies developed by working groups But the Forum had no money - therefore professional support was pro-bono i.e. work at no charge Locality announced increased grant levels – Forum applied for final grant for consultancy input, website and community engagement 2019: preparation of First Draft Neighbourhood Plan Brought draft policies together to produce first Draft Plan May - submitted first Draft Plan to ADC planners for comments no point going to consultation on policies that are not acceptable to ADC September - finally received ADC comments - started working through them Attempt to hold AGM failed because of objections to 19 days notice by email rather than the 21 days stated in the constitution (although the AGM date was published on the website a month before the event). Ran out of time – 5 year term expired – had to prepare application for re-designation 2020 – 2021 Neighbourhood Forum in Limbo February 2020 - Submitted application for re-designation Very few people were aware of the consultation due to the lockdown. April 2020 - Covid lockdown restrictions July 2020 Adur-Worthing JSC postponed decision because of concerns about alleged governance issues, but JSC did not read our application, did not look at the evidence and did not discuss the substantial progress of work on Draft Neighbourhood Plan. Autumn 2020 and early 2021 - discussions to resolve JSC concerns with: SBRA and County Councillor Kevin Boram ADC planners July 2021 JSC Committee agree re-designation - AGM required within 2 months - and here we are! Part 2 - the Redevelopment of the toilet block and the future of Beach Green 1. Starting point in 2015 – ‘no change’ was not an option for the Neighbourhood Plan The starting point in the Boxpark story was the Council’s long-established requirement for redevelopment of the toilet block site. Adur Council was committed to redevelopment before the NP work got underway in 2015. Planning law does not allow the NP to alter existing ADC policy commitments – therefore: - ‘no change’ was never an option - the redevelopment of the toilet block must be included in the development of the NP 2. The evolving draft Neighbourhood Plan and the future of Beach Green When dealing with development proposals for the toilet block, the Council took account of our surveys and resident comments compiled by SBNF - this evidence was the basis of draft planning brief in November 2016. The developers simply accessed this information on our website along with the Draft Beach Green Master Plan - which includes the re-development of the site as one of several suggested proposals for the improvement of Beach Green as a whole. In 2017, a resident briefly volunteered to be SBNF secretary and she disclosed one of her clients was Boxpark. She enquired if SBNF would support their planning application. We declined to do so and she resigned. Planning permission has since been given, which was granted without our support Planning law does not allow the Neighbourhood Plan to influence the operation of a café/restaurant - so the Forum has expressed no view on this issue. PART 3 Work needed to complete the Neighbourhood Plan Click here to see a full overview of the Project Plan, including key milestones, outcomes and stakeholders > Agree a Work Programme and Budget with ADC Planners as the basis of: an application for final funds from Locality supplementary funds from ADC any other funding sources Reconvene the Forum Working Groups on regeneration & facilities, sustainability and transport, to review the current draft which is on our website Go through the Draft Plan with Adur Planning Officers’ to check that we have responded satisfactorily to their detailed comments and clarify misunderstandings Organise small group meetings with stakeholders on key issues – including proposals for Beach Green, Plan implementation and monitoring Hold a public exhibition and/or workshops to consult on the Draft Plan Finalise Draft Plan as the legally required Regulation 14 Draft Consultation Revise in light of consultation to submit as Regulation 16 Draft Plan to Adur Council All this will require a lot of community engagement work and volunteers would be very welcome – we need a new Community Engagement Officer and the engagement working group to implement the engagement strategy (click for details). From the Regulation 16 Draft onwards it is the responsibility of Adur Council to complete the process of making the Neighbourhood Plan · The Regulation 16 Consultation · The appointment of an Independent Examiner · Arranging the Examination of the Plan · Organising the Referendum Click here to see a full overview of the Project Plan, including key milestones, outcomes and stakeholders >

  • SBNF Officers Meeting Minutes - Sept 2021

    8 Sept 2021, 8pm Chairman's house Agenda 1. Forthcoming Forum AGM 2. Attendance and Membership 3. Beach Box development 4. Any Other Business 1. Forthcoming Forum AGM The AGM will be held in the QE II room at the Shoreham Centre, on September 22. Doors open at 6pm. A location on Shoreham Beach was not possible due the the lack of funds held by the Forum. The council offered the use of the venue free of charge. The availability of the venue determined the date of the meeting. A quorum of ten forum members is required by the Forum Constitution. Email invitations have been sent to all SBNF members with email addresses (329 members & key stakeholders). 60% opened the email, and 8% took action. To ensure the maximum possible attendance the committee agreed to re-engage with as many members as possible. 2. Attendance and Membership SBRA had asked the Management Committee whether new members could join the Forum at the AGM and vote during the meeting. Also whether candidates for election to the Management Committee could be proposed or seconded by such new members. According to the Neighbourhood Planning Laws, new resident members cannot be approved until their addresses have been verified. However, in the interests of encouraging new membership and their participation the committee agreed that people completing a membership application form, which will be available at the AGM, will be eligible to fully participate as members. However, attendees are urged to RSVP before the meeting to speed up registration and help us to plan the layout for social distancing. Note: the committee later agreed to allow proxy voting. The form is available below: 3. Beach Box development JM reported that he was queried by a Forum member regarding the licensing application for the Beach Box development. The local resident enquired what role the Forum had played in its planning and licensing application. This was discussed by the Committee: The starting point in the Boxpark story was the Council’s long-established need for redevelopment of the toilet block site. In dealing with development proposals the Council used our draft planning brief, surveys and resident comments compiled by SBNF. The developers simply accessed this information on our website along with the draft Beach Green Master Plan for the holistic development of the site. In 2017, a resident briefly volunteered to be SBNF secretary and disclosed one of her clients was Boxpark. She enquired if SBNF would support their planning application. We declined to do so and she resigned. Nor did we approve anything to do with the operation of the site. Planning permission has since been given, which was granted without our support. Without a drinks license there would be no plan for re-development of the site. The licensing application is concerned with permitted hours. The developer (Roger Wade) has made significant concessions in his application, e.g. no off-sales. However, SBNF are not represented on the licencing committee - the committee witnessed a letter confirming that Cllr David Collins is not permitted to address the licensing application meeting. SBNF are constrained by the Local Plan and Planning laws and no residents have made use of the comments box (see attached) nor made any other formal contact with us via the website or our dedicated Facebook section regarding this issue since BeachBox was proposed. We have therefore made no formal letter of support or objection to the BoxPark application. The developers simply made use of our publicly available planning brief and integrated draft masterplan (attached) for the holistic development of the site. Redevelopment of the toilet block is part of the council’s Local Plan (“creating a network of community places and spaces, “employment, etc.”) and therefore needs to be part of the Neighbourhood Plan. 4. Any Other Business The date and time for the October Management Committee meeting will be decided after the AGM. Meeting closed at 2130. Attendees: Dave Collins (DC) Chairman Kevin Hall (KH) Vice Chairman Mike Gibson (MG) Planning Consultant Jonathan Marshall (JM) Treasurer Mike Whelan (MW) Secretary #minutes #management #ADC #funding

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  • Draft Planning Brief for Beach Green Community Hub

    Draft Planning Brief for Beach Green Community Hub You may be aware that Adur Council is again advertising the Beach Green toilet block site as a development opportunity. The Forum Committee have prepared a Draft Planning Brief which sets out the views of local residents about the future development of the site. Crucially it provides the evidence to substantiate the view that the local community needs and wants more than just a public toilet incorporated in the building. The need is for a building that will be both a commercially viable café and a community hub. You can comment directly on the brief document here If you would like to have a say in community facilities, visit the Community Facilities Working Group page or sign up as a member of our Neighbourhood Forum #BeachGreen #funding #planning #heritage #design

  • SBNF Winter 2020 Update for Beach News

    SBNF Winter 2020 Update for Beach News We publish updates about the progress of the Neighbourhood Plan in every edition of Beach News. Here's a copy of the latest update from our Engagement Officer: Shoreham Beach Neighbourhood Forum’s application to be re-designated was duly taken to Adur District Council’s Joint Strategic Committee (JSC) in July. The JSC, comprising Executive Members from the Council's ruling Conservative Group, required further information before it could reach a final decision. To assist the JSC, the Forum has produced an Action Plan to address the matters raised at the July meeting. In addition the Forum has requested a meeting with ADC Planning Officers ahead of the meeting of the JSC to review progress on the emerging Neighbourhood Plan and agree the programme of work needed to complete it. A joint meeting between committee members of the Forum and of Shoreham Beach Residents’ Association (SBRA), chaired by the County Councillor for Shoreham South, Cllr Kevin Boram, was held on October 12th to seek SBRA support for redesignation. SBRA has agreed to a further meeting with SBNF to discuss the emerging Neighbourhood Plan. It is the hope and ambition of the Forum that all this work will secure the JSC’s approval for re-designation in December. The Forum will then be in a position to press ahead to complete the process of producing the Draft Neighbourhood Plan early in the New Year for full consultation with Beach residents in the Spring. After any final amendments, the Forum will submit the Plan to ADC who will organise an Independent Examination and a Referendum when all Marine Ward residents on the Electoral Register will be able to vote. The Forum is keen to encourage further engagement with the community to help refine the Neighbourhood Plan. We strongly encourage residents to join the Forum and participate in our consultation events. This is your opportunity to have a say in the future development of the Beach. Visit the Forum website for full details. Alternatively you can contact the Chair of the Management Committee, Cllr Dave Collins, on 07956 759949 or via the contact form. You can read the full magazine here > #Press

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  • Community renewable energy project?

    Could we set up our own community renewable energy project? If so, where would it go, what would it power? etc.

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  • More trees on Shoreham Beach?

    Some members have long argued that the Plan should include measures to protect existing trees and plant more on the Beach. The 2020 West Sussex Tree Plan recognises that trees have a significantly positive impact on the economy, society, mental health, physical health and the environment. However, some residents say: "if you want trees, go live in the town". Do you think the Plan should do more to protect and/or enhance tree growth on the Beach?

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