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See the plans for Shoreham Harbour at Pond Rd: 10 Nov-22nd December

Shoreham Harbour Regeneration Partnership JAAP - consultation announcement: An ambitious 15-year plan for the renaissance of Shoreham Harbour has been published which could see 1,400 riverside homes built and hundreds of jobs created. The docklands revival plan could provide a much-needed boost for the area, transforming it into a vibrant, thriving neighbourhood. Restaurants, shops, office space and cycle ways are also planned together with a new multi-million pound flood defence scheme. It is one of the biggest regeneration projects across the south east. Adur District Council leader Neil Parkin claimed the proposals could lead to a stunning revival for the area, saying: “This has taken five years of hard work but I think it has been worth it.” “It sets out a blueprint for the Harbour which will transform it into a destination of choice providing quality homes, jobs and a fantastic waterside environment for everyone.” “The joint efforts alongside the other councils toward making this ambitious project sustainable will have a big impact on improving the entire area for the wider community.” Among the proposals in the 120 page blueprint are: New waterfront walking/cycling route from Shoreham to Kingston Beach. 1,400 new homes, including affordable housing. 23,500 sqm new employment floorspace, including offices. Green corridor alongside A259 - improving environment, air quality, reducing noise pollution. District heat network - providing affordable, low carbon heat. Port operations will be concentrated in the eastern end of the harbour, freeing land for redevelopment. This scheme is set to repurpose this underused as an integral part of the revitalisation of the area. Emphasis has also been placed on enhancing the waterfront's natural appeal as a watersport destination with big plans to create a safe place to get active on the River Adur. Bob Lanzer, West Sussex County Council Cabinet Member for Highways and Infrastructure, said: “This is an exciting plan which will bring about long-term regeneration and support economic growth on the West Sussex coast for existing and new residents, ports users, and visitors alike.” “It will help to maintain capacity for transporting minerals alongside redevelopment and investment in transport and other community infrastructure.” Cllr Julie Cattell, lead member for planning at Brighton & Hove City Council, said:

“ This regeneration scheme will see the transformation of Shoreham Harbour by creating a vibrant, exciting hub for this popular but all too often neglected area.”

“The scheme will also bring much-needed jobs, housing and office space to Shoreham, and shows what can be achieved when different local authorities work in partnership.” The plans will be available for public view from 10th November to 22nd December 2017 with an invitation for comments on its overall legal compliance. Both hard copies and digitised documents will be available during these dates at the Shoreham Centre in Pond Road, Hove Town Hall, Norton Road and Bartholomew House in Brighton as well as libraries across the area. How will this affect Shoreham Beach? + View Large Image + Another 1,400 homeowners will be gazing across the river and wanting to come and visit 'their' beach. We need to do all we can to ensure they come by bike / foot / bus or low-emission shared cars whenever if possible - rather than clogging up roads in private cars. The proposed new cafe could hire all the watersport equipment and provide changing rooms, meaning there's no need to travel by van. Could this pave the way for a small ferry crossing ?... and long term... maybe even another footbridge on the eastern end of The Beach. Many locals have mentioned the need for a decent public slipway. The Shoreham Slipways Group have proposed a design for Humphrey's Gap which accommodates the riverside path. At this stage, it is just a concept - it has not (yet?) been incorporated into the official scheme. The Harbour Regeneration project is not within the designated neighbourhood plan area, but will affect all Shoreham Beach residents in some way. You are invited to comment on the legal compliance of the plans from 10th November to 22nd December 2017 at the Shoreham Centre in Pond Road as well as libraries across the area. #flooddefences #employment #housing #heritage #survey #river #cycling

See the plans for Shoreham Harbour at Pond Rd: 10 Nov-22nd December
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