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Beach Green Community Cafe developer chosen

ADC has announced that a deal has been agreed in principle with a team which includes those behind the Boxpark redevelopments in Shoreditch and Croydon as well as Fatboy Slim's Big Beach Cafe in Hove Lagoon.
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The emphasis for the Big Beach Box will be on creating a new community cafe which could also include a roof terrace, changing rooms, and a centre for watersports. Below is an excerpt from the planning brief which the forum submitted to the council. We look forward to finding out more about how they intend to address these requirements. Community Requirements Overall, our community engagement work has provided clear evidence that local residents need and want more than just a public toilet incorporated in the café building. There is substantial support for a community hub with the following elements: Cafe cater for a range of residents (particularly young and elderly people) reasonably priced healthy eating options not too loud (both sound and visually) family-friendly wifi filter ability for parents to watch over children playing on the green nice to have: high enough to provide views of the sea and The Downs, if it can be designed in a sensitive way that is in proportion and not overbearing any products sold via a kiosk should be sensitive to the local environment, i.e. biodegradable packaging. refuse and recycling bins must be seagull-resistant and conveniently placed to minimise the impact on the local nature reserve and marine environment. The provision of facilities to accommodate additional toilets for events Showers, lockers and changing rooms encourage staff to cycle instead of drive encourage watersport enthusiast to use these facilities instead of needing a van parked on the side of the road Flexible meeting space for community groups an area with removable partitions, integrated into the cafe operations as much as possible - not just a separate locked room, not used as a storage or junk room. Storage facilities and booking system for Multi-Use-Games-Area. Sustainable building design aim to achieve the maximum feasible generation of renewable energy and the highest possible levels of energy and water efficiency and waste management. Transport improved pedestrian and cycle lane and secure cycle-parking to minimise traffic to the venue. assessment of public transport impacts and provision for pick-up drop-off area for taxis etc. pedestrian crossing improvements from the north side of Beach Green (parking & playground area). Read our full draft planning brief here: > See Community Facilities research here: 2017 Youth Survey Results > Have your say about our draft policies > #BeachGreen

Beach Green Community Cafe developer chosen
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