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SBNF Officers Meeting Minutes - November 2021

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

18 November 2021 at 1830

51 Old Fort Road


1. Transfer of SBNF Bank Account from HSBC to Santander

2. Any Other Business

1. Transfer of SBNF Bank Account to Santander

The Treasurer has recommended that the SBNF Bank Account be moved from HSBC to Santander Bank as monthly service charges are to be applied by HSBC. To open the new account Santander Bank requires a formal resolution by the Management Committee to authorise this action and to appoint three Committee members as signatories. Accordingly, the Chairman proposed two motions to the Committee.

Motion 1

To change the SBNF bank account, presently held at HSBC, to Santander Business Banking (37 Chapel Road, Worthing, BN11 1EW).

Motion 1 was carried unanimously by a show of hands. The opening of the Santander bank account is approved.

Motion 2

To elect three Committee members to be signatories on the account:

Jonathan Marshall (Treasurer)

Dave Collins (Chairman)

Mike Whelan (Secretary)

Motion 2 was carried unanimously by a show of hands. The above named members will be the signatories for the account.

2. Any Other Business


Meeting closed at 1900.


The next committee meeting will be held on December 9th.



Dave Collins (DC) Chairman

Mike Whelan (MW) Secretary

Kevin Hall (KH) Vice Chairman

David Johnson (DJ)

James Breckell (JB) Architect

Jonathan Marshall (JM) Treasurer

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