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SBNF Officers Meeting Minutes - June 2021

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

24 June 2021, 8pm

Waterside Inn


1. Forthcoming JSC Meeting

2. Immediate Actions after Re-designation


1. Forthcoming JSC meeting

DC presented the first in-person meeting of the SBNF officers in many months with copies of an email received from the Adur Planning Department. This confirmed that Forum Redesignation will be discussed at the next meeting of Adur & Worthing Joint Strategy Committee (JSC), on July 13 2021.

DC proposed that the Forum submit a copy of the Neighbourhood Plan status report and programme to completion as presented by him in a meeting with Council Members in December 2020. This proposal was seconded by KH and unanimously approved by the attending forum officers.

Action MW to update the status report and programme and email these documents to all relevant parties.

2. Immediate Actions if Re-designation Approved

It was agreed that as soon as SBNF Redesignation has been approved by the JSC an urgent meeting with the Adur Planning Department will be sought to discuss funding of the Forum to deliver the proposed completion programme. Redesignation automatically releases additional Government Funding for the Neighbourhood Plan which in turn will enable the Forum to apply for additional funding from Locality.

However these funds need to be applied for as soon as possible to allow the programme to proceed, particularly to fund further Have Your Say Days to re-engage the Community and Stakeholders, encourage discussion of the emerging Neighbourhood Plan and ensure the widest possible support.

Action DC

SBNF Working Groups will be reconvened to continue the work necessary to incorporate ADC Planners comments on the emerging Neighbourhood Plan and bring it to Draft Regulation 14 Status. The Management Committee will seek help from existing Working Group members and any Forum members or Beach Residents who may be interested in joining one or more Working Groups.

Action DC, KH, JM, MW


The Management Committee intends to hold an AGM as soon as practicable after the JSC approves Redesignation. Given the likely timing of Redesignation and the Management Committee’s desire to have the widest possible participation from the Community and Stakeholders, the AGM is likely to be held after the Summer Holiday period.

Meeting closed at 2100.


It was agreed that the July Management Committee meeting will be held as soon as possible after the JSC approves the Redesignation of SBNF.



Dave Collins (DC) Chairman

Kevin Hall (KH) Vice Chairman

Mike Gibson (MG) Planning Consultant

Jonathan Marshall (JM) Treasurer

Mike Whelan (MW) Secretary

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