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Management Committee Minutes - October 2020

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

7 Oct 2020 at 1900

Online video-conference


1. Forthcoming meetings with Planners and Adur JSC

2. Forthcoming meeting with SBRA

3. Press Release for Beach News


Dave Collins (DC) Chairman

Kevin Hall (KH) Vice Chairman

Tony Wallington (TW) Community Engagement

Mike Whelan (MW) Secretary

Mike Gibson (MG) Planning Consultant

Absent due to PC connection problem:

Jonathan Marshall (JM) Treasurer

1. Forthcoming meetings with Planners and Adur JSC

Representatives of the Management Committee have been invited to the next meeting of Adur JSC, at which Forum Redesignation will be discussed and hopefully agreed. It was agreed the Forum must be represented at this crucial meeting. DC proposed that another meeting with Adur Planning Officers in advance of the JSC meeting would be beneficial. It was agreed that DC, MW, MG and KH would attend.

MG presented a note outlining the next steps for the Forum through redesignation and on to Regulation 14 submission of the Neighbourhood Plan to Adur DC. He also suggested that the plan to address issues raised at the July JSC meeting could form the basis of the agenda to the proposed meeting with Adur Planners.

Action: MG and KH to prepare the meeting agenda

2. Forthcoming meeting with SBRA

A video conference meeting with representatives of SBRA is to take place on Mon 12 October at 1830. This will discuss SBRA concerns about SBNF governance and funding, SBNF’s plan to successfully gain redesignation and ways in which SBRA might assist with community engagement. The agreed agenda for the meeting was reviewed and the committee agreed we should encourage SBRA’s participation in the process.

3. Press Release for Beach News

TW has circulated a draft press release for the winter issue of Beach News which summarises the current position on Forum redesignation. Some amendments have been submitted and included in the draft. DC suggested that an additional paragraph be added encouraging Beach residents to participate in the Forum and giving full contact details. Press date for the Beach News is October 9 but DC suggested TW ask for an extension until after the meeting with SBRA so the outcome of that can be included too.

Action: TW to amend draft and circulate final draft for comment before releasing for publication.

Meeting closed at 2030.


The next Management Committee meeting will be held on Wednesday October 14 at 1830 at DC’s home.


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