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Management Committee minutes - June 2019

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Agenda: 1.Approval of Previous Minutes

2. Matters Arising

3. Change Log added to Draft Plan

4. Designated "Local Green Spaces"

5. Community Engagement

6. Committees Roles & Meetings

7. Finance

8. Regulation 14 & Beyond

10 June 2019 

Shoreham Centre 6.30pm

Meeting No: 41

1.Approval of Minutes for April 30th Meeting.

After the April meeting, one of the working group members pointed out via email that the draft minutes did not accurately reflect the discussion about possible “anti-development” phrases in the draft Plan. There was an email discussion between the relevant parties and the minutes were amended and presented to the board for approval.

ACTION: Approval was deferred to allow the committee time to reflect on the proposed changes.

2. Change Log added to Draft Plan

Mike Whelan presented a new system of tracking changes (Change Log) and assigning actions in the plan writing process. There is now a publicly visible table at the beginning of the Plan highlighting significant differences between versions. This system is widely used in the tech industry in order for teams to collaboratively contribute to complex code writing projects which are analogous to policy drafting.

This is in addition to the Comments and Suggestions system, which is only accessible by contributing authors with sufficient permissions.

3. Matters Arising

Stella suggested to the meeting that the draft plan still had omissions and insufficient comments from the public and enquired whether it should be delayed to gather more community feedback.

The Secretary & Chair acknowledged the time and financial constraints and pointed out that the Plan had been urgently called for by ADC and thus there had been insufficient time for referrals. Equally, ADC suggested that a #StrategicEnvironmentalAssessment (SEA) may be needed to be carried out by them. After this round of comments by ADC and the SEA, we can re-assess the amount of public consultation that is still required and what to prioritise in the short amount of time left.

Stella mentioned that the Plan still contained the Group’s old policy. MW pointed out that both the old version and new version were visible for comparison. Bothe versions were clearly labelled and the Change Log explained why both versions were still there (to get comments and feedback).

ACTION: It was agreed that the old version would be removed to avoid further confusion. MW urged members to read the change log at the beginning of the draft Plan.

4. Designated “Local Green Spaces”

The committee discussed how the Plan dealt with #BeachGreen & #FalconClose. Beach Green was designated as green space; Falcon Close is owned by WSCC. He advised that successful TVG’s were being over-ridden by Government Departments. SBRA’s own sub-committee to consider applying for a TVG for Beach Green was finally withdrawn late in 2018. Therefore, it was important that the Forum’s Plan designated Beach Green for future protections especially with its proposal for a MUGA on the Northern section. There was concern that there could be a conflict where green spaces were owned by #ADC.

OUTCOME: The Chair suggested that the meeting needed to be progressed and that ADC had verified that the Forum had done sufficient work to gain evidence to create a plan that can be offered to the Council and onwards.

5. Community Engagement

DC raised the dilemma of how to manage the final Have Your Say Day [HYSD] and which bodies might offer the Forum sufficient funds to cover a physical version of a HYSD. The meeting was asked to vote on the HYSD format and a physical, publicly attended, meeting place was preferred by a majority of members attending. He explained how the electorate would be advised and how electors might make suggestions or changes to the Plan on such an occasion.

6. Committees Roles & Meetings

SF enquired about the duties of Committee members. MW pointed out that these are explained in the Constitution and published on the Plan website. The Committee Structure is also published and updated annually.

The Chair thanked all members and attendees for their work in the past as volunteers offering their free time for the cause of producing a credible Forum plan.

He explained how the Officers of the Executive Committee were voted for at a Forum AGM in 2018 by gathered Forum members. The “#Management Committee” was, in fact, the Executive committee plus Working Group Leaders and relevant invitees such as our professional Consultant and others with associated experience and qualifications (depending on the agenda).

Whenever possible, the #Minutes of management meetings are published on the SBNF website after being approved at the next management meeting. The most relevant meeting topics are tagged for future reference.

ACTION: The process could be streamlined if more members were given sufficient training.

7. Finance

Treasurer, JM, was invited by the Chair to explain the Forum’s balance sheet since inception. The expenditure was paid for through grants from various bodies. The level of payment for professional support was questioned at the meeting and an explanation offered. Relevant Government agencies insisted that a professional should be engaged to guide the Forum members on procedure; outcomes; planning and general guidance. Professor Mike Gibson was engaged and remains a crucial voice to see the the Forum’s plan finished and ready for inspections.

8. Regulation 14 & Beyond:

Chair Dave Collins reiterated that finance needed to be sought for the last physical HYSD. The Chair of the community association, SBRA, has intimated, subject to estimates and approval, that it could be officially approached. Other sources might be approachable.

9. Any Other Business:

9.1. SF requested the Forum’s exact programme to referendum, the result of the SEA etc and what commitments the Forum might have and timelines be shared with her.

9.2. How will Changes to ADC’s Local Plan affect Marine Ward?

ACTION: The Design Review Panel needs to be set up.

9.3. When does the Forum’s work cease?

Once the plan is made, a group will need to monitor certain aspects in order to ensure compliance and measure progress. The Forum is nearing the end of the five year remit (November 19th, 2019), so it’s worth considering re-designation.

ACTION: Members were advised to refer to the Constitution.

10. Future meetings

ADC has called for a meeting with the SBNF Executive Committee during working hours on Monday 8th July at Pond Road Shoreham. Time TBA.

The Meeting ended at approximately 8.30pm.



Green Working Group Leader, Stella Filmer (SF)

Chair, Dave Collins (DC);

Vice, Tony Wallington (TW);

Secretary, Mike Whelan (MW),

Treasurer, Jonathan Marshall (JM);

2.Apologies: Prof. Mike Gibson


Next Management Meeting: Location and agenda to be confirmed.

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