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Forum Structure (2014)

Updated: Oct 31, 2020


SBNF Management Committee (as of Sept 2014)

Chairman - Dawn Clenton-Sparey

Treasurer - Julia Watts

Group Leader Transport & Movement Working Group - Ben Stride

Group Leader Community Facilities Working Group - Maurice Pitchford

Group Leader Community Engagement: Joss Loader

Maggie Taylor,

Howard Carter,

Sarah Howarth,


Planning consultant (Ex-officio) - Mike Gibson


The Management Committee is responsible for the key activities including:

  • ensuring implementation of the Communications and Community Engagement strategy;

  • co-ordinating the activities of the Working Groups;

  • drafting, agreeing and promoting the implementation of the Plan;

  • conforming to requirements; working in partnership with relevant stakeholders - in particular with the Shoreham Beach Residents Association and Adur District Council. See the Constitution for full details. Visit our members page or contact us if you would like to get involved.

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