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Management Committee minutes - September 2019

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Letter of Support for the Boxpark planning application for #BeachGreen.

On the basis that the developer requested the Forum - as a local stakeholder - to acknowledge their adherence of the Forum’s Draft Design Code, a vote was taken on the basis that SBNF is supporting the acknowledgement and use of the Draft Design Code implicit in the proposed scheme but not supporting the scheme itself. Two members voted for this motion and one abstained.

ITEM 3: Version 4 of the Forum’s plan documents.

The Chair advised that #ADC Planners have completed their observations on Version.4 of the Plan and has returned seven A4 pages of written observations and considerations. This now requires to be circulated to the working groups to reconvene and discuss. But the Chair suggested that both this item and the matter of the Re-designation of the Forum to be able to complete its final submissions needs consideration of another committee meeting as soon as possible. This was agreed and a provisional date of 29th October has been suggested. All senior officers and working group leaders will be advised accordingly.

Professor Mike Gibson was able to advise on the matters of strategy, context and further planning & procedure to assist the officers.

The Chair requested that the services of our consultant should be sought further to maintain the momentum to bring this plan to referendum. Mike Gibson was minded to comment that this advice has been requested by the Forum and not suggested by himself. On this matter Mike Gibson agreed to meet/converse with Mike Whelan at some length to undertake these procedural requirements.

ITEM 4: Stella Filmer

The Chair advised that by way of correspondence Stella decided not to continue her work and support for the Forum. The Chair proposed that a letter of thanks should be considered for all her inputs and talent for bringing in the Green Working Group’s plan together in a timely and professional manner. The meeting unanimously agreed.

ITEM 5.Any Other Business:

Noting that the SBRA Beach News publication’s closing date for copy stands at October 10th, the Chair asked TW to draft copy for consideration as soon as possible noting the recent progress and urgent matters needed to be included. TW agreed.

It was suggested that the Forum should meet again with ADC Officers to consider how the Forum might be enabled to complete its outstanding duties without any current funding! This remains a matter of urgency.

The Chair was minded to speak with SBRA concerning the need for a new Vice Chair and a replacement for another Blue & Green Working Group Leader noting the return of ADC’s comments and the work their comments demanded to clarify our final Plan.

Position of Officers prior to forthcoming AGM:

DC confirmed his willingness to continue as Chair.

Jonathan Marshall confirmed his position as Treasurer.

Tony Wallington will resign as Vice Chair in order to take up the role of Community Engagement Officer. He was asked to engage in Community Engagement activities forthwith – changes to be submitted and voted on at the next AGM as per the constitution.


#minutes of management meeting at Pond Road, Shoreham

7.45pm - 9.03pm

Next Meeting: October 29th. Location and agenda to be confirmed.

Present: David Collins (DC) - Chair & Regeneration Tony Wallington (TW) - Vice Chair

Jonathan Marshall (JM) - Treasurer

The Chair confirmed that three officers present confirmed a quorum


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