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Management Committee minutes - December 2018

Pond Rd

Meeting No: 39


Payments of disbursements

JM gave a brief update of the financial situation after receipt of Locality funding. He explained that HSBC automatically suspends internet banking access if there is 3 months of inactivity. JM explained the methodology for passing funds to our bank account. This caused a delay to the bank balance being updated.

Various outstanding disbursements were discussed by signatories. A motion was proposed by DC, seconded by TW to settle relevant and affordable monies for some outstanding disbursements. Motion carried; payments transacted. MW advised the likely future costs up to the end of November 2019 to finance the programme to completion.

2 Working Groups

Time was now tight to assist ADC to carry out screening for the SEA. Plan v.4 now needs finalising by way of all working groups fine-tuning their proposals.

Stella, leader of the G&B group confirmed, prior to the meeting, that their group has completed their response to the ADC's comments from V3. The other groups still have outstanding tasks. MW advised that WSCC councillor Kevin Boram has agreed to meet the group and is open to proposals about cycling and community-led ideas to address congestion at the Saltings roundabout.

ACTION Working groups to test the appropriateness of the principles by completing the table mapping the vision, to principles and policies.

3. JM (treasurer) left the meeting as agreed

4 Timetables and future meeting dates were arranged. See the section entitled: Informal Consultation Process in the latest version of the Plan.

Meeting ended at 19:50

NEXT MEETING: see events calendar

Present: David Collins (DC) - Chair & Regeneration Mike Whelan (MW) – Transport and Movement Tony Wallington (TW) - Vice Chair

Jonathan Marshall (JM) - Treasurer


Howard Porter (HP)

Stella Filmer (SF) – Green and Blue Neighbourhood

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