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Management Committee minutes - Dec 2016

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Wednesday 12th December The Harbour Club

2. Treasurer Approved: Jonathan Marshall (JM) was welcomed to the committee and has agreed to be the Treasurer.

3. Action Points from previous minutes:

Community Facilities Working Group MP again indicated that no action has happened since the last few meeting – he was offered assistance and encouraged to accept this. He also asked for

copies in a readable format to himself of the HYSD analysis - MW agreed to send this

- WSCC school figures – WSCC indicated that they were not reviewing school places until some time next year and that a meeting could be held in the future to discuss- see minute 9

Photo for website – committee members reminded/asked to send a photo of themselves to MW for the website (or to express that they did not want a photo included).

Regeneration WG to discuss Ferry Road/mobile/broadband speeds - DC to report by email to all

Letter to be sent to arrange meeting with local organisations/stakeholders- carried forward to

next meeting

Mike G to circulate work done by ‘businesses/employment Working Group

Mike W and Mike G to work on script version of 3D model and feed into document - carried


David C to cross reference Local Plan to ensure familiar with relevant regeneration info DC to email to all outcome prior to next meeting

4. Working Practices - the committee were again asked to respond to emails within a time period -

36 hours, or to acknowledge receipt of emails in that time frame.

Secretary - at this time no secretary had been forthcoming – JH taking minutes (following the

meeting JH advised of a potential secretary and that will be reported to next meeting).

5. Treasurer’s Report - Financial report had been circulated to all committee prior to the meeting and had been discussed with Locality who were content with its content. DC expressed his concern that this was not an account presentation and that he could errors in the figures (to be amended… )

It was acknowledged given the resignation of previous treasurer’s and resources available - a meeting to review funding to date/next steps and fundraising is to be arranged (ahead of next management committee meeting).

6. Beach Green Cafe

An extended conversation and discussion took place on this subject, with various views expressed.

A paper in the form of information gathered at HYSD’s and other input from residents had been

circulated prior to the meeting. DC was against any communications being sent to either the council or any prospective developer, others felt that it was vital to communicate the information available

at an early stage - MG arrived and was brought up to speed. MG gave his professional view, that was that this information should be sent ASAP - the Committee agreed that this was the course of action and MW agreed to collate the Beach Green Draft Planning Brief and after the committee being able to input it to be sent by no later than Wednesday 14/12/16 to the council and prospective developers known publicly.

7. Draft Policies - Neighbourhood Plan structure - MW and JB had put in an enormous amount of work on this subject and would continue to refine this. MG shared the required process to be

adopted in ensuring that the format and any policies did not conflict with either ADC/WSCC policies. It was generally felt that we were on track to completing this element and that moving forward was well on target .

8. Working Group reports

  1. Community Engagement ( JB) had taken over this group and along with input from (MG) (and previous work/documents from Emma Whelan) was in the early stages of working on this afresh, JB would update at the next meeting

  2. Transport and Movement (MW) MW continues his excellent work in this area and the

information on this can be viewed on the SBNF data web site MW added that he has had several very helpful meetings with various organisations that would be reflected in this information

c) Regeneration (DC)

DC had previously circulated an update on this area and will send additional information

when it is available to the committee.

d) Green and Blue Neighbourhood (GPT)

GPT had also attended several organisations meetings that were helping her grow her knowledge and assisting in formulating thinking on the structure of policies that would be achievable, as well as acceptable to the community and the council.

e) Community Facilities (MP) - See minute 3 bullet point

It was generally agreed that a workshop or workshops were needed for groups and to move forward on the actual policy documents for the NP. These would be scheduled in for the new year - this would include those who had already been able to gather together basic information, and constructed draft policies from information available to them.

9. AOB

JH shared with the committee an email he had received re School/children numbers from WSCC and developments in the area - link attached.,142487,en.pdf

JH also commented on the works on Beach Lancing and the disturbance to the beach ‘crown’ area in the beach green area of Shoreham beach


Present/ Ben Stride (BS), Dawn Clenton-Sparey (DCS), Maurice Pitchford (MP),

Mike Whelan (MW), Gwenn Parker Trégoat (GPT), David Collins(DC), John Haffenden (JH),

Mike Gibson (MG) - Planning Consultant (delayed attendance arrived at approx. 7.45pm,)

Jacqui Bandy(JB), Howard Porter (HP).

Apologies: Howard Carter(HC)

Next meeting 11th Jan 2017 venue etc to be confirmed.

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