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We need your photos in the Neighbourhood Plan - Issues, Views & Aspirations

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

We are keen to reflect the views and aspirations of all Shoreham Beach residents, including young people. The right image is worth a thousand words, so we are on the hunt for the best images in the following categories: 1) Cherished Views, 2) Issues and 3) Aspirations.

Send us your images and vote for your favourites, for possible inclusion in the final Neighbourhood Plan document. The closing date for entry is 20th January 2018. Photos will be on display at the next AGM - scheduled for the end of January. Please take a look at the three galleries for inspiration and to vote for your favourites.

What to send:

Shoreham cherished views gallery

1. Cherished Views

Do you have any photos that support our neighbourhood character study? What is your eye drawn to on your morning walk or cycle? What do visitors point out when they come to the Beach? Think about skylines and landmarks, a favourite view from your window…. See examples here:

2. Issues What do you want to see less of e.g. overflowing bins? illegal-parking? What do your friends/ visitors/ customers complain about? Think about Transport & Movement, Sustainability, Development and Community Facilities. See examples here:

Shoreham Beach aspirations gallery

3. Aspirations How can we turn issues into opportunities? What do you want your neighbourhood to be like? This gallery shows ideas suggested by the community:


How to send: Check the galleries. Is anything missing? If so, send an email with the subject line “Photos for the Plan” to You may send up to ten images (photos, graphics, sketches etc.) or Youtube/Vimeo video links (just the link please!). Please include a brief explanation. The closing date for entry is 30th November 2017. The images will help to inform working groups and document editors - and may be featured in the final Plan document - at the discretion of the chief-editor. How to vote: Hover over a photo to read the caption.♡ Click on the heart icon to vote for all photos that you would like to see published in the neighbourhood plan. In November 2017 we will send another reminder to re-visit the galleries and vote for your favourites.

Why it is important:

The Neighbourhood Plan needs to represents the views and aspirations of Shoreham Beach residents. If the majority of voters in Marine Ward approve the plan, then it becomes part of the Local Plan and can influence future planning applications and help shape where we live and/or work. Articulating the Vision:

Shoreham Beach will maintain and enhance its eclectic character through a balance between innovative architecture, neighbourly development, and the conservation of heritage and natural habitat. The NP will meet the needs of residents, local businesses, visitors, flora and fauna, ensuring that the neighbourhood thrives as a place to live, work and enjoy a range of community and leisure activities. Shoreham Beach will be a quiet, low emission neighbourhood with the flexibility to welcome and accommodate visitors during peak seasons. The flow of people on and off the beach will be safe and smooth. Young and old can choose to travel locally without relying on the car. It will be easy to choose active transport to maintain a healthy lifestyle during our daily commute - helping us to be more able in later life.

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