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Management Committee minutes - Sept 2016

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Wednesday 7th September The Harbour Club

1. Apologies – Maria Sanchez, Ben Stride

2. Minutes & Actions from Committee Meeting 27th July 2016 – Unanimously approved

a) Update: Workings of website/gmail account and communications - Viki circulated ‘Idiots guide’ to google account (Appendix 1)

b) Contact/communication with stakeholders/local organisations

Dawn has drafted a letter to send to stakeholders in advance of the upcoming SBNF Stakeholders meeting.

ACTION: Dawn to send letter to Mike Gibson for comments, once agreed letter to be circulated to stakeholders.

c) Upcoming: Working Group meetings (& with MG) – See report under item 4c. All working groups are currently active other than Community Facilities which is in contact with Lydia from WSCC regarding attendance.

ACTION: Dawn/Maurice to set date for Community Facilities working group once Lydia’s availability has been established.

3. Beach Green Development a) Update: Dawn, David, Mike Whelan and Mike Gibson met with James Appleton (& Moira Hayes) from ADC LPA on 18th August which was positive and productive. James Appleton confirmed he would update the committee regarding the #BeachGreen Café development but this has not been received as yet. Dawn, David, Mike Whelan and Mike Gibson have been in email communication with Corin Morton, the architect for the development. Both James Appleton & Corin Morton have been invited to update at the Have your say day.

b) Update: SBNF contact with SBRA re. #cycling path (DC) David updated that the council accept there is a cycle path but the potential development affected what the future upgrade plans might be. Therefore the council will be waiting for the outcome of the development process before making a decision on upgrading / repairing the cycle path.

4. Working Groups Update & next steps in preparation of NDP policies a) Updated list of new SBNF Management Committee Members on website (MW) ACTION: All SBNF members to send a photo to Mike Whelan for the website.

ACTION: All working group leaders to email SBNF working groups with update/link to website asking if people want to be active members. (Instructions as to how to email all working group members are in the Appendix 1).

b) Working Group Leaders meeting 10th August - Agenda & notes attached (Appendix 2). Dawn reported it was a positive meeting and the working groups were moving forward.

c) Matrix Version 2 (September 2016) – progress of Working Groups.

Mike Gibson reported that the matrix has been used by working groups to organize themselves and feed into their work. David stated that the WG leaders have a clear vision as to what needs to be done between now and the Have your say day.

Regeneration Working Group The regeneration working group will be emailed an agenda and then work will be reviewed by Mike Gibson so groups can push forward and are compliant. Mike Gibson confirmed that he will edit the draft Regeneration policies by the end of the week. He stated that working groups should feedback to Mike who will update draft policies and circulate new drafts. Mike Gibson raised a concern about the lack of input from businesses. It was noted that there was previously a Business & Jobs working group which was rolled into the Regeneration working group. The #HarbourWay industrial site has been considered, #FerryRd should be brought back into discussion. There are many people who work from home on the Beach and broadband speed has previously been raised as an issue – this needs to be considered. ACTION: Regeneration Working group to discuss Ferry Road/mobile/broadband speeds. Gwenn asked about the links with stakeholders.

ACTION: Gwenn & Dawn to go through stakeholders list and send out letter.

ACTION: Mike G to circulate some of the work done by the Business/Jobs Working Group’s

Gwenn asked about what is happening with the Shell Garage at #TheSaltings roundabout. John reported that it is being redeveloped but will be petrol station again likely with a small supermarket. It was confirmed as being within the boundary of the neighbourhood plan.

Community Facilities - a meeting to be set up with Lydia Shilibach (Communities WSCC)

ACTION: Dawn to arrange before next Committee Meeting.

Transport and Movement Mike Whelan has taken comments and suggestions and has built a 3D animation to show prototypes and existing policies. This was played to the committee. It will be labelled / narrated to make clear what is actually happening and what are suggestions. This will then be posted to Facebook; YouTube and website for people who can’t make HYSD. It will also be played on a loop at the Have Your Say day. At the Have your say day each working group to have visual panels but with wording as well. The committee congratulated Mike Whelan on the 3D work.

ACTION: Mike G and Mike W to work on script version of 3D model and feed into document.

Regeneration Report of meetings 18.08, 09.09 and Working Group full meeting 05.09 David reported there had been an initial meeting, with a follow up meeting early next week at which they will discuss all items on agenda. There are varying vision statements/aspects to be tabulated for Have your say day.

ACTION: David to go through the local plan and pull out all the relevant regeneration items.

#AECOM – a document containing AECOM’s work so far was circulated. It presented an illustration of sites and brief visual and description of where they are. The committee now need to see what development potential of each site is (as requested). To structure debate residents’ views must also be taken into account. The forum should set out what we’d like from AECOM and see what they can do.

ACTION: Write letter to request what we want – next stage mid/late Sept and present at next Have your say day – Dawn.

There was some discussion over Beach Primary School. WSCC are the LEA but ADC have control over building policy.

ACTION: Email James Appleton and copy in Graham Olway from WSCC & CC Martin Randall requesting feedback on the school situation.

Maurice asked where the information on pupil numbers and projected pupil numbers was. It was confirmed that the numbers available were capacity only not based on need.

ACTION: WSCC pupil numbers to be sent to Maurice – Mike Gibson.

ACTION: Community Facilities working group to identify the need and Regeneration working group to look at sites.

Sustainable Green Neighbourhood Gwenn is recruiting people to this working group. Gwenn to take over as Chair, Howard to join. Gwenn has map to add notes about green issues. Mike Whelan noted that this map is on the google drive in each working group folder. Gwenn reported a lot of work to be done but it is in hand. Gwenn to talk to Maurice about solar at school.

Mike Whelan stated there is a sense that people have interest in green spaces and landscaping but difficult to get traction with renewable energy. John Haffenden suggested Gwenn discusses this with Peter Davis, Port Development Director who is pushing for renewable energy at the port. It was confirmed he will be contacted to come to stakeholders meeting.

Buildings – existing / new; domestic / non-domestic – what are the standards? Take forward from that. Howard asked if a policy on Green Energy could be part of NP? Mike Gibson stated the committee would need to know what’s in local plan and whether we can put in higher standards in the neighbourhood plan.

ACTION: Dawn has received info from Campaign for Sustainable Energy which she will forward to Howard. Gwenn asked if the committee have a contact at the council for what’s allowed? Howard responded that he is aware of permitted developments. Dawn stated that Claire Hills in the Estates team is the correct contact for this.

5. Have Your Say Day – consultation on draft policies a) October 7/8th - Venue (to be confirmed) at Beach School – It could be at Harbour Club if school can’t do it.

b) WSCC volunteer scheme – Dawn has emailed various people regarding getting help but has had no response yet (a sign has gone up on a noticeboard with the Forum’s contact details).

c) Contents of HYSD - ‘creative’ children’s competition (writing/art-based/other) to be 10.09.16. Gwenn suggested a smaller version of this could happen, it is a work in progress. Still to send communication to relevant members/children

d) Other sources for possible funding/routes of support

ACTION: Dawn to approach Mick Clark/WSCC for financial help for the hiring of venues/for meetings/HYSD/other.

ACTION: Dawn to contact Janet Mockridge Chairman of Community Local Council & #WSCC councillor regarding funding.

e ) Update on Ferry Road Scheme – There will be an update at HYSD event. The work started Monday

f) Tidal Wall Scheme – Environment Agency have been invited to be part of HYSD event. Dawn has received no response as to who the Community engagement person is despite leaving various phone messages and sending emails.

g) AECOM - technical support – presentation of their work – covered under Item 4. HYSD Preparation – Mike Whelan, Gwenn and Dawn to design posters.

ACTION: Community Engagement WG to meet and discuss the Have your say day

Each working group will have 2 panels/posters to say their piece which will be a combination of illustrations and words.

ACTION: Mike G to work this out with each working group

ACTION: Deadline for info from working groups is 26th September as it will all go to print on Monday 3rd October. Dawn to liaise with working group leaders regarding this.

Date of next meetings proposed as: Weds 5th October (or 12th October?) Weds 9th November Weds 7th December

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