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What we want - regeneration workshop results

This workshop was launched at the SBNF Have Your Say day in February 2016 and was available online for two months. A big thank you to the 50 enthusiastic respondents. You can download the report and get all the background info from the Regeneration Working Group Page.

Previous surveys highlighted concerns over housing and significant parking issues on Shoreham Beach; especially pavement parking and yellow lines. Residents also highlighted various regeneration opportunities which were then put forward in this workshop in order to test opinion, refine concepts and generate further ideas before developing draft policies.

The flood defence scheme will impact several car parks in the area. This has opened up ideas from local residents which include solar car ports, car-sharing services and facilities for electric vehicles and bicycles. The neighbourhood plan provides an opportunity to combine these ideas and produce a cohesive scheme which meets the needs of both current and future residents and businesses on the beach.

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