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Management Committee minutes - Sept 2015

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

​​Wednesday 30th September 2015

Venue - The Harbour Club

Attendance: Dawn Clenton-Sparey, John Haffenden, Jennie Tindall, Ben Stride, Howard Carter, Lintorn Wightman and Mike Gibson

Apologies: Maurice Pitchford, Joss Loader, Emma Whelan

  1. Minutes of previous meeting September 9th - agreed

  2. Treasurers Report: all grant funding from Locality and LPA spent as agreed at previous meeting\monitoring report to be submitted to Locality by end of November 2015

  3. ​A Residential Development & Regeneration Working Group report was presented by the Vice Chair including - Note of a meeting with LPA 11.09.15 - Note of Working Group Meeting Thursday 17.09.15 - Housing need follow email correspondence - Land ownership email correspondence It was agreed that the issues raised would be taken forward in the preparation for the Have Your Say Day

  4. Community Engagement Working Group: Have Your Say Day October 15th and 17th 2015. Promotion and publicity: flyers, posters, estate agent type boards. 4.1 Verbal and written reports were presented and discussed on the following matters - updating contacts since resignation of Membership Secretary - the draft Storyboard for the exhibition (prepared by MG) was reviewed. It was agreed that: - the text of one poster from each Working Groups would be prepared by Conveners and MG and presented to the appointed designer (MW) who would finalise the poster - individual Forum members would be able to contribute ideas to the exhibition via the Community Engagement Working Group - the presentation of the Characterisation Study and the initial results of the Household Survey as part of the Exhibition 4.2 It was agreed that a Mock Exhibition would be held Monday 5th October - 7pm: venue The Harbour to be attended by all Committee Members plus MW and MG and working group members invited

  5. Next meeting Wednesday 28th October at The Harbour Club

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