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Shoreham Beach is growing younger

Across Europe, the population is ageing and this is certainly true in Adur, with the over 65 age group increasing more than any other in the coming decades. However, if we look at Marine Ward Census info, new house sizes and alterations, plus "Brighton Drift" research by the Future Adur Schools Team, the average age of people living on Shoreham Beach may well be getting younger. This graph shows the population growth in the Marine Ward area from 2001 to 2011. The majority of the local population is under 45 and this trend looks set to increase. We are preparing a Neighbourhood Plan that sets out a vision for the next 15 years - when many of today's young people will have children and/or houses of their own. Help design our future neighbourhood via three workshops (surveys): transport, re-development and community facilities.

These workshops cover various aspects covered in the council's new 'Place Plan' - boosting new homes, employment and local economic growth. The Plan also reflects the key priorities for West Sussex in particular delivering skills, digital connectivity and health & well being services.

According to Adur & Worthing Councils, the population of Adur is expected to grow by 5,000 in the next 20 years - part of the 100,000+ extra people expected in West Sussex. Growth in Adur is constrained by limitations on land availability for homes and employment space due to the South Downs National Park and the coastline.

Our Neighbourhood Plan will sit alongside the district-wide Local Plan and has to be taken into account by the Local Planning Authority when it is making decisions on planning applications (see our frequently asked questions for more info).

The district-wide Local Plan (Adur Plan) identifies over 3,600 new homes and 41,000 sqm employment floor space with the potential to create up to 3,319 new jobs over the next 15 to 20 years.

The two priorities set out in the Adur Plan are:

Priority 1: – New Monks Farm and Shoreham Airport

  • Development at New Monks Farm & Shoreham Airport provides the opportunity to deliver; 600 new homes; 25,000 sqm new employment space potentially creating a maximum of 2,024 new jobs. Investment involves:

  • Flood Risk Management Measures – Adur Tidal Walls Scheme: to deliver development­enabling flood defences.

  • New A27 Junction and measures supporting the Shoreham Sustainable Transport Package: to deliver both development­enabling and mitigation associated with traffic growth.

  • New Primary School at New Monks Farm: to deliver a new facility to support population growth and planned housing growth.

Priority 2: Shoreham Growth – Shoreham Harbour

Development at Shoreham Harbour provides the opportunity to deliver 970 new

homes, (plus the Parcelforce development, which brings the total to 1100) 16,000 sqm new employment generating floor space potentially creating around 1,295 jobs. Investment involves:

  • Flood Risk Management Measures in Western Harbour Arm: to help deliver new housing and employment floorspace.

  • Shoreham Sustainable Transport Package: to deliver both development­ enabling and mitigation associated with traffic growth.

  • Business Relocation: supporting existing businesses interested in moving to new premises, to enable new homes and employment space to be provided within the Harbour.

  • New/extended Primary School in the Shoreham area: to deliver the capacity necessary to support population growth and planned housing growth.’

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