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Management Committee minutes - June 2015

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Wednesday, June 24 The Church of The Good Shepherd, Shoreham Beach

Attendees: Joss Loader, Howard Carter, Maurice Pitchford, Sarah Howarth, Ben Stride, John Haffenden, Dawn Clenton-Sparey Apologies: Lintorn, Emma, Jennie, Maggie

  1. Minutes – approved from the last meeting

  2. Beach Green

  3. update on Asset of Community Value nomination regarding Beach Green Toilet Site Development Opportunity

  4. Working Groups Update:

  5. Residential Development and Regeneration Working Group - JW Urban Character Study: HC to write document conclusion and submit to DCS by 26/6/15 Analysis of planning applications and development trends - update required

  6. Community Facilities Working Group - Maurice Documentation to be gathered and submitted to DCS by 31/7/15

  7. Local businesses and Jobs - Maggie and John All underway – to be submitted to DCS by 31/7/15

  8. Green Neighbourhood – Jennie working on this – to be completed by 31/7/15

  9. Transport and movement - Ben Awaiting feedback and direction from Mike Gibson

  10. Funding - update DCS

  11. Revise date for ‘Issues and Options’ Event - Have Your Say Day

  12. in September HYSD: New date of October (tbc) – AGM will be held on same day. All information to be provided to JL by 31/7/15

  13. Any other business

  14. All actions to have dates for deliverables DCS to act as conduit for all communications with Mike Gibson

  15. Date of next meeting Tuesday 28th July 7.15pm at the Church of The Good Shepherd

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