Management Committee minutes - August 2014

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

19 August 2014

Joss Loader's House


MG summarised progress so far. The application has been submitted to ADC and apart from the membership map the supporting documentation is in place. The
application will show links to the SBRA website so we need to produce pages on the website.


ADC will put a notice in the Shoreham Herald. Consultation period is 6 weeks and will start in September. After this period the application goes to Pat Beresford as Cabinet Member for approval.

In the meantime the grant from locality of £7,000 has been approved. The mechanics
of payment is that it is paid to ADC and then back out to us.

JL, MT and DCS have been to the bank to start to set up a bank account at HSBC.
We need a vice chair and a membership secretary. JL is vice chair and Yvonne
Campbell to be contacted by MT to see if she would be willing to be membership

BS to finish the membership map. It won’t be finished immediately. He needs names
and addresses from DCS but he has software to help him produce it. It is of concern
that we don’t have as many members at the Western end of the Beach. David Johnson
to be asked if he can recruit in that area.

We discussed a leaflet drop explaining the progress so far and an outline of NDPs to
the whole beach and giving contact details and website links to the consultation
documents. This should be delivered in September and could probably be delivered
by the usual Beach News deliverers. The cost of this could be initially funded by
SBRA but repaid by the forum as soon as funds and the bank account are available.
JL has written a draft Community Engagement proposal as a starting point. It was
agreed that we should have two Community Engagement events in October, one in
the school and one in the Church to attract more members from the Western end of the Beach.


The proposed dates are-
Community Engagement Events 23 rd and 25 th October

Management meeting dates:- 23 rd September, 15 th October, 13 th November, 10 th


MG really would like all the working groups to be running simultaneously but most
members felt that we didn’t have enough members to populate the groups so we
agreed to start with Community Engagement but also the Development Group should
start work so that some ideas could be shown for the first community engagement

DCS is to head the Development Group with guidance from MG.
MG handed all members a copy of ‘Neighbourhood Plans Roadmap Guide’ for
everyone to read.

Individuals’ planning issues relating to current planning applications should be
referred to BS and Liza McKinney not to those members of the management
committee of the forum.



Mike Gibson, Joss Loader, Maggie Taylor, Ben Stride, Maurice Pitchford,
Julia Watts


Jennie Tindall, Dawn Clenton Sparey





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