Friday, February 5, 2016

Shoreham Beach Neighbourhood Forum AGM

Saturday 6th February
Shoreham Beach Primary School
10.00 – 11.00am

  1. Chairman’s report - Dawn Clenton-Sparey

  2. Treasurer’s report

  3. Election of officers

3.1 The following persons resigned from the Committee during 2015:

Vice Chair – Joss Loader

- Contributed as Ex-officio Committee Member as Chairman of SBRA

Treasurer – Julia Watts

- Replaced by Emma Whelan


Secretary - Sarah Howarth

Membership Secretary – Maggie Taylor



3.2 Officers for 2016

Chairman - Dawn Clenton-Sparey

Vice-chairman  - John Haffenden

Treasurer - Melissa Onslow

Proposed by Dawn Clenton-Sparey, Seconded by John Haffenden

Secretary - Viki Carter

Proposed by Dawn Clenton-Sparey, Seconded by John Haffenden

Membership Secretary

In the light of experience with the Constitution - it is proposed that the Constitution be amended to delete the Membership Secretary from the list of Committee Officers

Proposed by Dawn Clenton-Sparey, Seconded by John Haffenden



4. Election of Committee members

4.1. Committee members wishing to continue in 2016:

Cllr Ben Stride, Maurice Pickford, Jenny Tindall, Emma Whelan , Howard Carter


4.2. New committee members

Maria Sanchez
Proposed by Dawn Clenton-Sparey

Seconded by John Haffenden



5. The contribution of SBRA to the development of the Neighbourhood Plan – Joss Loader


6. AOB 

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Shoreham Beach Neighbourhood Forum (SBNF) is a community-led group of residents, business, community groups and stakeholders.