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    The is a community-led framework for promoting and guiding the sustainable development of Shoreham Beach and Adur Rec. over the next 15 years. Neighbourhood Plan Spread the word News & Inspiration Press Release - Forum’s response to the deferred re-designation Seven simple ways to help us finish your Neighbourhood Plan Government Changes to Neighbourhood Planning due to COVID-19 (and associated delays) 1/5 Get involved Movement Facilities Built Environment Land & Water

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    HELP US MAKE THE PLAN There are many ways to get involved: Spread the Word If you are a blogger, publisher or know anyone who works or lives on Shoreham Beach, please... link to this website invite people to our next event print this page and give it to someone without internet access spread the word via social media (hashtag: ) #shorehambeach use the sharing buttons: Our Mission The Neighbourhood Plan aims to protect and strengthen what works here (as decided by the community) and change what doesn’t. To do this well, we need more people to raise awareness, consult with fellow residents about the policies that affect them and help to gather the evidence to finalise the plan. Have your say and help shape the future of Shoreham Beach. ​ We are keen to involve as many people as possible - membership of the Forum is free to all who live and work in the Marine Ward. Become a member Get email updates & invites Comment on issues Have your say Vote at AGMs Our shows how many of you have already got involved members map Join us Share our Facebook posts Join group Discuss on LinkedIn Subscribe to video channel Print & display this poster in your window click on the image to download > Join a Working Group and take part in the discussion Community Facilities Group Development & Regeneration Transport and Movement Group Green Neighbourhood Group Community Engagement Facts 2015/6 > ​ > 2017 ​ 2019 Draft Consultation Statement > Help to fund the plan Our are part-funded by grants and donations. Budget cuts are affecting our ability to complete The Plan. community engagement activities If you believe a Neighbourhood Plan is important, please consider donating a small amount via credit card or Paypal. Donations are separate from membership status. Donate £1 Donate £5 Choose amount

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    Key stages in the process of preparing our Neighbourhood Plan All Drafts Latest Revision Plan Status Aspirations Guidance Plan︎ Project and Get Partners Getting Started Clarify why a plan is needed. Publicise the intention to produce a plan. Identify and contact key local partners. Dialogue with the local planning authority. Produce a project plan with costings. ​ FUNDING INFO ➔ Character Study︎ Determine the neighbourhood area. Submit neighbourhood area proposal. LPA consults. LPA approval. COMMENT ON URBAN STUDY➔ Create Neighbourhood Forum Put together prospective neighbourhood forum. Submit forum proposal. LPA consults. LPA determines area. READ OUR CONSTITUTION ➔ Involve the Community Publicity. Engage local partners. Broad issues. Provide feedback. GET INVOLVED ➔ Build Evidence Review existing evidence. Identify gaps in evidence. Compile new evidence. Analysis of evidence. ATTEND OUR EVENTS ➔ Themes, Aims, Vision, Options Identify key issues and themes. Prioritise issues and themes. Develop key aims. Look at options. SEE THE VISION ➔ Draft the Plan Policies, proposals, site allocations. Consider sustainability, diversity, equality, delivery. JOIN A WORKING GROUP ➔ Consult Consultation on plan. Amend plan. SEE SURVEYS➔ Raise More Funds MAKE A DONATION ➔ Re-Designate the Forum ​ SEE APPLICATION ➔ Final AGM and Have Your Say Day ​ ​ Reguation 14 Consultation Process ​ Submit the Plan Submit final version to Local Planning Authority (LPA). LPA publicises. Independent Examination Local Planning Authority (LPA) appoints examiner. Examination takes place. Examiner's Report. Referendum Publicise referendum. Hold Referendum. MORE INFO... Plan Completion Decisions on planning applications will be made using both the Local Plan and the Neighbourhood Plan. Once the Plan is made, the community may decide to make an update during the 15 year period if the Neighbourhood Plan conflicts with a new council plan (Local Plan) or if it becomes outdated. MORE INFO... Monitoring the Plan The implementation of the completed Plan will need to be monitored and progress will need to be measured to ensure objectives are met. It will be for the local community to agree a successor body to monitor, implement and review the NP through a neighbourhood organisation which is fully representative of homeowners and tenants and all parts of the designated Neighbourhood Area. ​ SEE THE PLAN ➔ Please reload

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    THE PLACE: Marine Ward Neighbourhood Character Maps Issues Issues vote Cherished Views vote Aspirations vote Designated Area Have your say A study of our neighbourhood (man-made and natural habitat) including a brief history and audit of planned future developments Vote for Cherished Views Help us to articulate your aspirations Read the latest draft policies Transport & Policy Maps (interactive) Issues & Priorities Provide evidence of issues Master Plans Share this

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    Privacy, Membership & Subscribers Contact us FAQs Privacy Social (community engagement) Get Involved Privacy Policy ​ The information you provide will only be used in relation to the Neighbourhood Plan. It will be stored securely and deleted once the Plan is made. Data will be aggregated and anonymised for and evidence purposes. research Use of Cookies We use cookies to provide the services and features offered on our website, retain your preferences and to improve the visitor experience. If you delete or disable our cookies you may experience interruptions or limited functionality in certain areas of the website. Learn more about cookies at Or, join as an official member ​ Please consider joining the forum as an official member to get al the benefits. SBNF membership application form > Apply to become a member

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    Membership Info FAQs Apply to Join Subscribe Invite your friends Send a link to this page or print a and display it in your shop, cafe or community group for those who don't have access to the internet. sign-up sheet Share Privacy Policy The information you provide will only be used by the neighbourhood forum. It will not be shared with any other organisation. Data will be anonymised for research and evidence purposes. More info Funding Membership is free, but we rely on grants and donations to fund our community engagement work. If you feel able to contribute, please click on the link below to be taken to our secure Paypal donation page. You can choose your own amount and payment method - either Paypal or credit card. Donate by debit/credit card or PayPal Legal responsibilities of Neighbourhood Planning ​ must be appropriate having regard to national policy must contribute to the achievement of sustainable development must be in general conformity with the strategic policies in the for the local area development plan must be compatible with human rights requirements must be compatible with . EU obligations Unique site visitors: ​ Beach Population: 0004524 Membership is free to all who live or work on the Beach. Members have certain rights and responsibilities which are explained below. We want to be as representative as possible, which is why we ask for location, age group and interests. If you simply want to get updates and you don't live or work on the beach, choose the 'subscribe' option ​ Why Join the Forum? * Email updates * Event invitations * Workshops & surveys * Vote at AGMs * See our for more details. constitution Representation The shows the boundary of the neighbourhood plan area and the distribution of our current members. members map ​ Resident members Representatives of organisations

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    THE CONSTITUTION The Forum aims to promote or improve social, economic and environmental wellbeing and conditions in the Shoreham Beach area SUMMARY The Constitution establishes the Forum’s aims and provides the organisational framework for its activities. Here is a summary, with particular reference to the activities necessary for producing the Neighbourhood Plan. ‘the Forum aims to promote or improve the social, economic and environmental well-being and conditions in the Shoreham Beach area particularly through the preparation and implementation of a Neighbourhood Plan.' The Forum is a democratic and accountable membership organisation. is open to individuals who live and/or work in the area and elected members of Adur District Council and/or West Sussex County Council whose ward or division includes the area. Membership ‘the Forum will be as representative as possible of the people who live and work in the area. Thus membership will be drawn from different places in the area and from different sections of the community’ The Forum’s activities are managed by a Committee (steering group) which meets once a month and comprises officers elected at the AGM – Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and Membership Secretary – together with Working Group Leaders and Deputies. The volunteer members of the Committee and the Action Groups are supported by a professional planning advisor, working on the basis of a combination of paid and pro-bono time. The is responsible for the key activities of the Forum: Management Committee Agreeing and ensuring the implementation of the Communications and Community Engagement Strategy. Co-ordinating the activities of the Working Groups: Residential Development & Regeneration Transport & Movement Community Facilities Sustainable, Green Neighbourhood Communications & Community Engagement Drafting, agreeing and promoting the of the Shoreham Beach Neighbourhood Plan. implementation Working in partnership with relevant public, private and community sector stakeholders, in particular with the Shoreham Beach Residents Association and Adur District Council. The Constitution also requires the Forum to organise a minimum of two Have Your Say each year which enables the Forum to: events showcase its activities, particularly the evolving Neighbourhood Plan, recruit new members, enable Forum Working Groups to have discussions with wider groups of local people, facilitate Q&A sessions with the Local Planning Authority officers, councillors and developers with an interest in the area, share experiences with voluntary and community sector from elsewhere in the district and other towns and cities which are preparing and involved in implementing Neighbourhood Plans. organisations 📃 View the complete constitution... EVENTS COMMITTEE MINUTES VISION, OBJECTIVES & ISSUES

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    The Emerging Neighbourhood Plan (DRAFT) Here you will find the most recent version of the draft Plan as submitted to the Adur District Council's planning department for informal discussion. enlarge Fullscreen Docx download Get it via email comment Comments & enquiries Previous Drafts Latest Revision Plan Status Maps Aspirations Guidance DRAFT Part 1: Statutory Policies Deliverable within 15 years Legally binding Subject to Referendum Download PDF (submitted to ADC May 2019) or View Latest Live Document* * certain working group members will be able to comment or edit the document directly via this link Shortcuts: * 1 VISION * 2 PRINCIPLES * 3 OBJECTIVES * 4 POLICIES DRAFT Part 2: Aspirations Supplementary proposals which do not require planning consent and do not need to be deliverable within 15 years. Not subject to Referendum. View Latest Live Document * * certain members will be able to comment or edit the document directly via this link DRAFT Part 3: Design Code Download PDF (Submitted to ADC May 2019) or View Latest Live Document * * certain members will be able to comment or edit the document directly via this link Shortcuts * A - Beach Green Toilet Block * B - Area-wide Guidance * C - Protecting the LNR * D - Guidance for Active Transport comment Comments & Enquiries Send Comment download Subscribe to get PDF immediately via email Share

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    Urban Character Study Character Latest Plan Maps Issues Issues vote Cherished Views vote Aspirations vote Is this how you see our neighbourhood? The has carried out a study to define the unique character of Shoreham Beach. This is the starting point for developing ideas and proposals for the future. On this page is a short summary and a link to download the full report. We appreciate any feedback you may have. Residential Development & Regeneration Working Group Do you agree with the study? Is this how you see our neighbourhood? or post your comments below. Submit your photos here "Shoreham Beach is not a typical English town, but a charmingly eclectic collection of post war buildings brought together in an extraordinary maritime location creating a uniquely diverse, open and optimistic sense of place." "Little remains of Bungalow Town, although small numbers of the characteristic bungalows still remain in one form or another..." "there has been much replacement building, but primarily on a one-for-one basis. However, this piecemeal development has not produced any homogenous character but rather striking contrasts in design, materials and scale" "wherever you are on Shoreham Beach the water is not far away" "even on relatively overcast days, light pervades all areas" "in spring and summer the beach itself becomes a lush pasture of wild plants and flowers" "lack of softening trees ... a newcomer needs to survive a winter season before they can call the place home" "the overwhelming majority of dwellings are family homes. Although intimately associated with sea and river, the Shoreham Beach of the present is not a holiday destination in the traditional sense. It does, however, provide an important leisure resource for residents of Shoreham-by-Sea and the broader urban area. Access to the beach for walking, bathing and other recreational activities such as boating and kite- surfing is the principal non-residential activity" Human Habitat Natural Habitat Designations More details about designations and constraints... History of Shoreham Beach ( ) click to see full timeline Videos about Shoreham-by-sea, and it's people. ​ Watch more on our Youtube Channel Do you agree with the study? Is this how you see our neighbourhood? Please post your comments below. Download the full Urban Character Study SHARE

Information and resources to develop a Neighbourhood Plan for Shoreham Beach.

Shoreham Beach Neighbourhood Forum (SBNF) is a community-led group of residents, business, community groups and stakeholders.