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Members Invitation: AGM & Neighbourhood Plan Q&A - March 2018

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

As a member of the Shoreham Beach Neighbourhood Forum we hope that you will be able to attend our AGM and Q&A session on Friday evening, 9th March 2018. The meeting will take place at the Hall of the Church of the Good Shepherd. Space is limited, so please consider sending an RSVP via our Invitation or Facebook event page.

We have a number of key vacancies on our committee that need to be filled. These are Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Secretary. If you are interested in standing for one of these posts, you just need to get two fellow members to propose and second your nomination at the meeting.

Please see the Constitution for an overview of these roles and responsibilities and provide us with at least one week's notice if you wish to stand. We can help you to understand what the role entails and help you to find a potential proposer and seconder.

A Neighbourhood Plan committee (steering group) will be required to continue oversight, monitoring and implementation of the Plan after it is approved. At the AGM you can vote to decide who is elected and have your say about any necessary amendments to the constitution.

The draft Neighbourhood Plan is nearing completion and the activities of the Forum are now moving onto the final consultation phase and submission of the plan to the council for a referendum on whether residents wish to see it adopted. So the AGM is a great opportunity for you to ask questions and understand exactly what happens at this stage and how you can contribute.

photo by Tim Huitson

If you haven’t already done so, you’re also invited to submit photos for possible inclusion in the final Plan document. There are three themes: Issues, Cherished Views and Aspirations.

You can see the evolution of the draft plan, including: status, previous iterations, evidence and feedback at

Members are encouraged to follow the links and visit the website in advance of the AGM to get up to speed - and then if necessary - to email any outstanding questions before the AGM via the website contact form. This will ensure that your question goes directly to the most appropriate Working Group Leader.

Please be aware that a draft neighbourhood plan must meet the following legal requirements if it is to proceed to referendum:

  • must be appropriate to national policy

  • must contribute to the achievement of sustainable development

  • must be in general conformity with the council's plans

  • must be compatible with human rights requirements

  • must be compatible with EU obligations.

Please contact us if you are willing to help audit the plan to ensure it meets all the criteria. You can find a wide range of resources to help with this process here:

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