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Consultation Launch - and a chance to have your say

Updated: Nov 24, 2020


Shoreham Beach Neighbourhood Forum has achieved a major milestone following the launch of the public consultation exercise by Adur District Council on August 20. This followed the successful submission of the application for official designation of both the forum, and neighbourhood area (Marine Ward).

The application is being made available for public consultation for six weeks until Wed, October 1, 2014. Please follow the links at the bottom of this update and fill out the questionnaire, to indicate your support.

The consultation seeks the views of people who live and work in the areas and other interested parties, to establish whether the proposed area is appropriate for neighbourhood planning and whether the neighbourhood forum is representative of people in the area.

We are aware that the western end of Shoreham Beach is somewhat under-represented at the moment. Please forward this update to any friends or contacts on the Beach – particularly those living west of Ferry Road - and suggest they sign up to the forum. Likewise, please ask them to fill out the questionnaire. Any new members should email with their contact details.

We also plan a mailshot to everybody living on Shoreham Beach in the next couple of weeks, to ensure everybody is up to speed – and has a chance to have their say. If the application is approved, the forum will be able to produce a neighbourhood plan for the area, with implementation subject to a “yes” vote during a public referendum.

If this forum is approved, no other organisation can be designated to produce a neighbourhood plan for this area (unless the designation expires or is withdrawn).

The following documents were submitted with the application for the area and forum:

  •  Application for designation by Shoreham Beach Neighbourhood Forum

  •  The Forum’s constitution and map showing the area

To view all of these documents, and to make your submissions, please visit the council’s website via the following link -

For a simple guide to neighbourhood plans and the legal process, please click on

Thank you for your time – and helping us to make this a reality for our community.

Joss Loader – Community Engagement lead. Issued on behalf of Shoreham Beach Neighbourhood Plan

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